Pregnant Pilates

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Short-term pregnant pilates did yoga. I completed my pregnancy with yoga. I didn't look at yoga as physical exercise. It was more of a mental relaxation, but as much as I could physically relax. I'm a fan of yawning movements and I'm very happy doing this kind of movement in pilateste. There's too much stretch in yoga. Somehow I made an investment in this direction, the breaths that I sent to my baby, and then what I felt later still made my face smile. With all of this, I became happy, vigorous, fit, comfortable breathing, self-absorbed, and a total of 8.5 kg.


I'm telling you this because I was very comfortable in this process, and in this sense, I did not have an economic burden. So there is nothing excuse not actually after the human want. Now I would have gone if there was a pilates studio opened for pregnant women at that time. Of course, in addition to all this to crack the stomach did not crack liters of oil, the sunscreen was constantly trenched, the day to walk without fulfilling the necessity of the bed as a person who did not enter after the birth I realized that all the less important.


I didn't even give a cream of caesarean section. I couldn't wear a corset because of urticaria. I didn't read a line how the stains occurred during pregnancy. After that, everything remained so little important to my baby. Now when I look at the caesarean section, I smile, I touch that day. I don't care about the pregnancy stain on my right eyebrow. I give myself time for cellulite on my legs. So it is necessary not to exaggerate both being a woman and enjoying your motherhood and pregnancy.

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