Labor and Delivery Part 2

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  Last post, I talked about my non-progressive labor, which led to 2 trips before my third and final trip to the hospital.  We arrived to the hospital at 7pm and I was still only 1cm dilated, but the water had broken so the baby had to be born in the next 24 hours. They gave me an epidural and started me on Pitocin, a drug that speeds up and intensifies the contractions. We tried to get some sleep, my 6’3’’ husband on the mini couch and me hooked up to all sorts of machines. At some point the next morning the epidural wore off and sent a ripping pain through my back and around my belly. Soon after I developed a fever, meaning that there was an infection forming, and her heart rate was dropping off the charts in the middle of the contraction. My doctor came in and informed me that they wanted to get her out now. At this point I had been on Pitocin for 12 hours and only dilated 5cm so we decided to have a C-section. My husband is super tall and could therefor see everything that was happening over the little curtain that is set up. He said that it was crazy, I was awake the whole time and talking to him while they were cutting me open to get our baby. I had no idea how scary this whole ordeal had been for him. He was helpless while I was in so much pain. He later told me that he was scared that he was going to loose both the baby and me. The best sound in the world is the sweet first cry of your new baby.    

 Our sweet baby girl was born at 10:07am Wednesday April 6, 2016.  

Picture from pixabay 

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