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Dear friends - I am new here to Steemit and was led here in my quest to find an effective way to get my message out to the world without censorship. I have spent the last 10+ years trying to alert people to the dangers of the medical system, and in particular, the deliberate abuse of mothers and infants during hospital birth. I have written a book about this topic, entitled "Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine," and am currently writing my second book entitled "The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound." When I shared some information from my forthcoming book about ultrasound on facebook, I turned my computer on the next day to find one of my accounts completely deleted. The next day, my second account was also disabled. You can read about my experience here:

I am sick to death of being censored on facebook and youtube and determined to find a way to communicate my message in a forum where it can be received without interference.

The creatures who have been running the show are very desperate now. They are pulling out all the stops in a pathetic attempt to silence the Truth. But the Truth will not be contained. All of their attempts to silence us will only serve to backfire on them and make us stronger.

We will persevere and we will prevail. It's time to create a whole new world and leave this old one behind.

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Please visit my website at:

And also my blog at

Feel free to also check out my youtube channels:

I am creating a third video channel on bitchute which you can find here:

If you would like to contact me privately and/or have me add you to my email list, please email me at

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Brilliant post - thanks!

?Lovely read?

So happy to find you here on Steemit.
I read your blog since years and I have to thank you very much for many insights.
Wish you the best, may all the blessings of goodness be with you and may your path be crystal-clear!