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New mother

Hello, I am Gabyta mom of a beautiful prince of 9 months in the name is Thiago Gabriel after several treatments to be able to conceive, God gave us the opportunity to get pregnant with the two babies, but only one survived were very strong months that had a Absolute rest during the whole pregnancy ...

I'm new to Steemit:

but little by little I adapt and I understand how something works that can interfere in the information or anecdotes since they contact me with my experience, my stumbles and above all how I have been able to survive in the opinions on exclusive breastfeeding, growth outbreaks, crazy hormones or in the BLW and what I am currently suffering is that my little one already has teeth and now he just wants to bite me ...

Moms who can and want to talk and exchange welcome ideas, learn that raising in tribe is much easier, we realize that we all go through similar situations.

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

good article friend If you follow me, I'll be happy.Thanks :)


you re welcome

Bienvenida Gabita!

Te felicito por ese nene tan lindo 👏👏👏

Espero que tu paso por steemit sea una experiencia única.

Mis mejores deseos 👍

muchas gracias