The Big Wait - Today Is the Due Date

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Father's and Mother' you remember your first child pregnancy and the anticipation you had when the due date arrived?

I haven't wrote a steemit post in a while but I felt like this morning I would have this "journal entry style" to let off some steam about this process. Not that it is not great or joyous but it's a very strange time to say the least.

Already But Not Yet

So, today, is our baby's due date. May 29th 2018...there were moments in the last few days where we had the feeling that the process of early labor was well on it's way only to wake up the next morning and the process stopped.

It's a very strange feeling to have something that can happen at any time that will change our lives forever, anticipation is at it's highest yet we can't stop living and doing our day to day routine and activities.

Can you relate? Please share your stories below

Spleen 6, Cinnamon Tea and Old Wives Tale's

We are actively looking and testing different ways to "promote" labor to start. But we are going through a weird paradox...on the one side, we don't want to rush the baby and let nature run it's course. On the other side, we can't wait to see her face and to move on to the next stage of our lives.

I would love to hear some of your wisdom about that, we are all different and have different experiences.

I can't wait to read what you have to say.

PS: I will be actively downvoting spammy comments. Read this post for more information

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The anticipation is usually high. I haven’t had a personal experience yet, although I can’t wait, but I have close people to me who have experienced it. In a certain occasion I was there with the couples. They waited for the moment like it would be the end of the world. But it was not just the beginning. The beginning of another thing in their lives, the were really anticipating the next step.

It is usually best to let nature run its course though. Most advisable to allow it flow naturally. All the same I wish her safe delivery

Do it the hardest way!!! Just wait 😉

I understand the jitters and mixed emotions you feel, @cryptoctopus. It's like it's pretty hard to go on with your daily life knowing that anytime the baby's gonna come out. Anyway, hoping for a safe delivery and a happy baby! Cheers and congratulations!

How exciting! Due dates are funny things. Almost all of our pregnancies went over (except the twins, which were almost exactly 40 weeks and that is late for twins). Our first was almost three weeks over. Due dates are really only estimations. Doctors can start to get concerned after 41-42 weeks, but we had home births and our midwives never felt like medical inducement was necessary.

My wife tried all kinds of things to help move it along, maybe they helped, maybe not. We'd go on walks, she'd sit on an exercise ball, we'd even have sex because she heard that semen softens the cervix. Haha. I think she took some castor oil for one of the pregnancies. DYOR there. It has a laxative effect and is believed to help induce labor as well. There are some chiropractic maneuvers that can help break her water, but you don't really want that until labor has actually started but is moving very slowly, as it did for my wife.

Cheers again to you two. It is an exciting time, but also very strange, like you said, to be stuck in this in between place.

I remember and it is a bit terrifying, honestly. It was very challenging for quite some time but also very rewarding. Make sure you do your best to help Ms. Cryptoctopus, especially at night. Make sure your/her mental health has a chance for a breather every once-in-a-while. I'm sure you've heard this before, but sometimes just going for a drive with the kid can help when nothing else seems to work.

Oh, you become a father. It means a legal obligation to provide for the child you just brought to this world.

After having it, you remember a lot of stuff that you have probably forgotten. As they grow, images, sounds, and images come to your mind from a distant past when you were more or less that age.

Consequences are evident in your body as you stop sleeping, sometimes altogether to anticipate the future, change diapers or soothe a scared child. You develop a new set of skills that let you perform tasks that you probably hadn't dreamed of.

Money becomes a real concern and talking to your partner about the little ones can become troublesome due to the deep love you both feel about them.

Little by little, if you want of course, you turn into a 2.0 version of your parents, with new improved Internet capabilities and heuristic system to detect lies.

Having a child also makes you more sensitive to other children's suffering. You develop a sort of love for all the children in the world sometimes.

All in all, you learn to change and adapt because your little one(s) will make your days change light-speed fast.

Wow....I guess this a big day for you and a hearty congratulations will be in place.
It's really great that all you have is anticipation and you don't seem to be nervous at all... Most first time parents are usually scared as anything.
I would actually not suggest rushing the labour but let it run naturally, I guess you'll be told that in the hospital as well.
And yeah, don't let her remain confined to the bed. She can walk around if she wants to or take any position that's comfortable for her. Pacing actually helps uterine contractions as well.
Hope to see the baby's face here soon. :)

Giving birth is real great moment and today will definitely be a day to remember. I'm not married yet and so don't have a child but I had a first hand experience two years ago when one of my aunty wanted to deliver.

She was expecting the due date to be in like 5 days time so nobody expected the baby to come that day. The husband has left house for work very early in the morning. She started having the feeling around 8:00am but she taught it was nothing serious. I was called out from my room around 10:00am to come and drive her to the hospital. I was with her with one of my sisters. To cut the long story short, she delivered the baby right in front of the hospital before we could carried her in. We had to rush in to call the nurses outside to attend to her and take her in.
She is such a strong woman. I've always heard but not seen a woman giving birth on her own. That was my first experience. It's was just easy for her. I was told she gave birth to her first child easily too.

As you said, let the nature run it's course.

I wish your wife a save delivery

I wish your wife a very safe delivery..

Congratulation for her delivery day in advance

Oh wow...yeah it has been a while!

Congratulations first for your baby. Babies are beautiful inclusions in our lives and yes their arrivals changes our lives forever and if we allow, it could be a wonderful lesson for personal adjustments.

I'm not a father but i can give an advice for this season, which is:
Saying the right words
You're expecting a new life, a new future in a small body ready to be nurtured and words are very important.
The right words woukd give you strength, strengthen your spouse and also give an enabling environment for your new baby.

I wish you the best with this one!

Lol, be patient, I believe and something tells me in a few days from now, not more than 5days she will be out

"A son" is the most beautiful thing that life can not give. My son is the light of my eyes when I was born. I felt a sense of happiness that is very difficult to describe.
When my wife was 5 months pregnant, she was given a dangerous pregnancy because my son was put in an awkward position thank God at the time of delivery, everything came out normally because they had to do a cesarean section.
Currently my son is 6 years old and is more naughty than ever.

Your pregnancy and birth-time are safe as you are safe, through the intensive care of a gynecologist until the baby is born, so the future of your unborn child will also be safe.

Very good post @cryptoctopus, I think, everyone in this world would be very happy if they have children, in my opinion, in a family it would not be perfect a happiness if we do not have children, because a child can change the day- the day we live is far more beautiful than ever, and he can make the days that we live full of happiness, when we go home, we can see him smile, it makes us very happy. I myself really want to have children, but I have not had a child. If I get married later, I want to have my first child is a man.

I think, if we have a lot of wealth and power, whatever we want we can buy with our money, but if we do not have children, our happiness is incomplete in this life. Because having a child is the dream of everyone in this life. Surely you are very happy with the presence of your child into this world. Congratulations to you, hopefully your child will become a useful person in this world, and can make a big change for this world in the future. Is your child a boy or a girl?
Thanks for sharing, and have a wonderful day always with your family... :)

we are born in this world is hard struggle mother, but we can not denied mother who gave birth us, it must we consider before we regret.

congratulations to you and your wife for this wonderful and tense moment they are living, everything will pass soon and the 3 will be completely happy.

My experience as a father was wonderful, to carry it, to give it food, to sleep with the baby, to bathe it, everything is incredible and almost of in dream.

especially when they start to show their personality and customs, for example, you sleep in the car and when you get it out you are ready to play hahahaha.

It is indescribable everything that happens every moment is a completely new experience.

just waiting for new man...😱

Wow! New baby arrival, I can relate with the excitement and waiting. I have had miscarriage though but I think you just wait for nature to take its course and please relax and be strong for her. We need our men to be there for us but there is not much you can do. Reduce the anxiety to keep her blood pressure normal. All the best @cryptoctopus. Awaiting the good news.

I FEEL YOU!!! I'm due in 2 days @cryptoctopus! We are almost there my Steemian friend ;)
So in the ideas to induce labor, here is a list of stuff I've heard of and already begun applying:

  • Walk, walk, much as possible, daily!
  • Make love
  • Rasberry tea or extract
  • Wash the floor on all fours
  • Homéopathy, acupuncture and-or osteopathy
  • Talk to baby, encourage him or her!
  • Stimulate nipples

And well, patience! :P

i respect every woman bcz every one is mother.

love to read it about this.

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oh wow! just say yes to your wife whatever she says! :) safe delivery to her and good luck to you! i hope its gonna be an easy one. :)

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Daddy Chronicles.

Never ready for marriage and having kids yet but this is phenomenal. I can only imagine what it feels like, your own seed in your hands, your first seed!
Life will never be the same, I love how you're going about it. Paying keen attention to every detail, you only get to have a first child once.

Wish you and your wife safe delivery.

Awww that's kinda cute,

Iam really happy that you are going to become a father and by seeing your excitement and happiness iam sure you would be a great father,

It's really hard to wait for seeing the birth of our baby but be patient and let it be naturally and don't forget to Share the pictures of your "Little-Cryptoctopus" on steepshot because i also wanted to see that little one.


It's a difficult balancing act. I work as the finance director of a healthcare company in the UK and we are moving more towards "wellness" and holistic care with our NHS patients.

Take advice from your medical professionals, but also be mindful of how you feel and understand why you feel that way.

Congratulations and I hope you get to meet your daughter soon

We are going to be with a midwife at the birthing center...we'll only go to the hospital if there are risks or concerns. Thanks for the congratulations :-)

Midwives all work for doctors these days, perhaps consider a "Doom-a". Not sure of the spelling, but they are almost hated by hospitals and doctors, so exactly the kind of people you want on YOUR side. Doctors now all push for the c-section as if they make more money and spend less time doing one or something.

@cryptoctopus it'll be one of your magical moments in your life. Cherish the moment. Let nature take its course. Cheers!

hello I tell you my story, I have two girls one that is about to turn 15 years old and another one with only 8 months old I did not know anything about children when I gave birth to my oldest daughter I was only 17 years old and although it was not easy I I adapted to it very quickly they went to their laughter to their cries I learned to know it is very beautiful, after 14 years I got pregnant my second daughter was anxious because the day of childbirth did not come until I thought God's time is perfect and he decides when we came to the world and that was after 38 weeks and 5 days I had my second child naturally, so do not despair your baby will come to the world when God decides and it will arrive for you healthy and beautiful, blessings for you..

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I know it's complicated, but you should wait. All in your time and you will see that it is worth it.

I still do not have children, but I think I'll be just like you, super anxious!

We had three kids and it was an adventure, to say the least. While trying to promote labour was never an issue, we had other complications. In my wife's first pregnancy she had preeclampsia and she had an emergency C-Section. It was a crazy stressful time because it was 8 weeks early. Thankfully everything turned out ok and our boy was healthy but he spent three weeks in intensive care. After that, our other two kids were planned C-sections.

Good luck with the labour and enjoy that precious moment of meeting your new little bundle of joy.

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Ohw that is exciting, wish your wife a safe delivery on your child!

@cryptoctopus Congratulations for that baby you married with your partner, remember that this new life that will come from the fruit of your love and your partner, take care of that baby and remember to upload a photo so that we know that beautiful creature, who will be born under love of good parents.

The best is drinking “castor oil” I had a similar situation happen and when I drank that oil, the same night I went into labor . Good luck , hope all is well