Why You Should Conduct a Pre-Trip Inspection to Prevent Accidents

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A pre-trip inspection is highly recommended for professional truck drivers before they take their vehicle out on the highway. A pre-trip inspection includes checking the tires of your truck. You have to make sure that the tires of your vehicle are in proper working condition and are properly inflated. This is the easiest way to make sure that your tires can be used and trusted for a trip on the highway, according to an 18-wheeler accident attorney based in Texas.

For the purpose of predicting the inflation of your vehicle’s tires, the experts suggest using a calibrated air pressure gauge. They also suggest not to use the technique of “eyeballing” a tire to check its inflation, since it is not a very reliable technique! It is very common for tires to lose their air and an under inflated tire is the sole reason why tires fail during a trip and can sometimes cause the most fatal of highway accidents.


When the tires of a truck are under inflated, they lose their recommended shape and flatten which makes it hard for them to make contact with the road and run smoothly. This leads to failure of that tire and also requires more fuel to run which affects your costs as well.

However, under flatting of a tire is not the only problem. You should also check if your tire has over inflated. When your tire has more air than it should have, then the tire becomes too stiff. This also makes it hard for the tire to make proper contact with the road. As a result, your tire gets damaged by the bumps and debris on the road. Steering also becomes more difficult too.

Apart from your tires, it is also crucial to check your fuel, the brakes and checking if the wiring in your vehicle’s engine is connected. You must also make sure that your trailer is properly fastened. If not, then there is a chance that it might swerve across the road and cause a fatal accident.

All of these pre-trip inspection measures are necessary to avoid any sort of accidents on the highway. These safety measures also protect the health of your vehicle and help with maintenance costs. Without having to deal with any of these hassles, as a truck driver, you will be able to meet your deadlines in an efficient manner.

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