Real Prayer

in prayer •  2 years ago

We are continually thankful for the special Miracles which others may disregard or even toss aside. We know that gratitude and thankfulness are the stepping-stones to further divine knowledge and even worldly betterment. We are joyfully celebrate the smallest gift with spiritual Thanksgiving. We let no gift or favor go unnoticed, thereby we lose nothing and save everything. Thus, we build our Holy Destiny with the bits and pieces of our lives.

Let the doors to our Spiritual temples swing wide open because we would allow the divine manifestation of God, which comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error, to enter. Let true happiness and real joy rise from the depths of our souls because we are spiritually anointed with the light of the Messiah and our hope is now eternal.

Let us closely approach the eternal flames of truth for we have an offering. We would cast upon the holy fire all our past sorrows, regrets, griefs and misfortunes. Let them be burnt to ashes so that our souls may be freed from the dead past. Let our eternal mind free itself from that which is gone so that we may seek renewed spiritual resurrection. Let us rise from the cleansing flames into a new and joyous rebirth of our wonderful future.

O LORD, we ask for your righteous help. We ask that you come into our lives and righteously banish all ills and sickness. We invite you to guide us onto the path of righteous prosperity. We beseech you to invoke the guardian angels of righteousness to look over us and protect us. Help us to become righteously triumphant in this life. O LORD, we ask for you help in all things and at all times.

O LORD, resurrect our spiritual hopes and faith into a new supernatural life of divine awareness. Roll back the false illusions of this transitory world from our eyes so that we may come forth into the bright reality of our divine personality. Let us be filled to completion with the almighty glory and power of supernatural hope. Guide us in the light of miracles and the dawn of a new era. Take from us the wounds of the crossing over and rebirth us into the coming NEW AGE OF MIRACLES.

O LORD, dispel the demonic fog of deception from our minds and the diabolic influences of hopelessness from our hearts. Immune us against the influence of soullessness. Destroy and dispel all demonic influences that would invade our lives and beings. Raise our holy awareness as a mighty shield against the unholy infections that seek to burrow into our soul and control it. Surround us with the shielding light of righteous awareness.

O LORD OF CREATION, flood our lives with your enabling power. Help us to accept the real miracles that we now deny ourselves. Help us to see the realities that we now overlook. Help us to take the real successes that we now reject. Take away the demonic influences that seek to sicken us onto Hell. Cast out the demonic fears that seek to cloud our minds with the false illusions of Hell. ENABLE US TO ACCEPT A TRULY GLORIOUS LIFE OF WONDER!

O LORD OF CREATION, flood our lives with your triumphant hope. Fill our being to the brim with its healing influences. Wash our souls clean with its cleansing powers. Quench our spiritual thirst with its refreshing abilities. Revive our energies with its rejuvenation strength. Bathe our lives in its comforting inspiration. Give us the just and righteous future of our triumphant hope in a never-ending spiritual reality.

O LORD OF CREATION, shine your joyful brightness upon the path of our spirits so that they may climb to new highs of spiritual optimism. Lead us into radiant ways of spiritual thinking to illuminate our righteous expectations. Let good angels sing unheard of songs of hopefulness to the hearts of our souls. Provide us with the glorious optimism of those who would know the wonderful reality of their eternal future.

O LORD, let not the momentary pleasures and short-lived satisfactions of this transitory world hide the real victories of eternal joy from us. Let us not spend our lives into nothingness while ignoring the hidden spiritual triumphs of eternal gain. Open our divine eyes to the wonderful spiritual victories of eternal joyfulness that are hidden behind all the temporary troubles, passing problems, brief successes and fleeting false victories of this vanishing world.

O LORD, cushion our lives from the shocks, jolts and blows that will be thrown against us by the powers of distraction. Place our lives upon a solid rock of invincible spirituality. Safeguard us from all unbalanced forces and unstable influences so that our path toward our wonderful and righteous destiny will be made smooth and straight.

O LORD, teach us not to ridicule the warnings of the Guardian Angels that would save us. Give us the wisdom to accept the counsel of the Angels of Providence while the Devils of Exact Understandings spit and hiss at them. Help us to shun the Mocking Demons of Physical Limits that laugh at the advice of the Angels of Spiritual Mysteries. Let not the ridiculing Devils of Mental Darkness persuade us to join them in their mocking dance around the Angels of Divine Liberation. Help us to open our hearts, eyes and minds to the illuminating Angels of Mysterious Insights.

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