Angel of Destiny

in prayer •  2 years ago

"These are the times of which the ancient Prophets spoke and all is coming to pass, but not as the 'literal idiots will expect."

"No one in Hell 'knows' they are in Hell because, when they 'know,' they are cast out into Heaven."

"There is no way in Hell that anyone can convince anyone in Hell that they are in Hell"

"Of what use is Hell if it is not for those who will not learn otherwise?"

"Hell is a hole that we dig for ourselves."

"When this world becomes only a memory, it will be your memory because you will never die."

"Do not save for the grave."

"Those who awake in the darkest night of dread, shall see great mysteries, great miracles and wondrous revelations. They shall arise in supernatural rapture while those who sleep in the darkest night of dread, shall dream of a frightful death, nagging doubts and terrible fears. They shall fall further into the illusions of nature."

"This is a world of choices."

"Woe to those who believe that their lives have no special purpose or meaning because this temporary world and passing universe has but one purpose and YOU ARE THAT PURPOSE!"

"It is divine to seek perfection, but it is a damnation to demand it."

"Those who must always wait to fully understand will never understand."

"It shall be born in the very midst of deepest despair, unseen and unknown by all those who cry out to the world for help; yet, it shall be the glorified time of glories and only those who see it will truly be saved!"

"Do not think that you are an animal, a brain or the child of earth because these things are only your tools. Do not think that you are here to worship the Beast or save the Beast's mother because they are only the shell of an egg. You are an infant that crawls toward the Light of God even though your eyes have not opened."

"If you do not think for yourself, someone else is living your life."

"It is much, much better to live your own life poorly than to live the life of others to perfection."

"If you can change your mind, it is not yet totally lost."

"These are the times when truth will be trampled and unseen."

"O the vanity of those small mites who crawl upon the face of the world and think that they control the weather with their belches."

"Allow the light of prophetic truth to brighten your life and eliminate dark places where mistakes hide."

"The world is governed by a divine providence that is written in its cycles."

"Hope for the best and it will be yours"

"Be as happy as a small child because in reality you are one!"

"Do not base your choices entirely on what is going to happen today because when you go to sleep, you are going to wakeup in tomorrow."

"Those who refuse to live a life of mystical adventure, will have refused to live a real life."

"It is much better to be skilled at not falling into a hole, than to be the word champion at climbing out."

"Those who collect all the good moments and throwaway all the bad moments will end up with only good moments."

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