Only Prayer Need to know: The Our Father

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Our Father, who is in heaven,
We recognize that you are
All holy and loving and merciful,
And that we are your children,
And not the subservient, sinful and depraved creatures that false teachers would have us believe.
We know that we are the greatest of your creations and the most wonderful of all your handiworks,
And the objects of your great soul’s love and tender care.

We know that your will is that we become at-one with you
And partake of your great love
Which you have bestowed upon us
Through your mercy and desire
That we become, in truth,
Your children through love,
And not through the sacrifice and death of any of your creatures.

We pray that you will open up our souls
To the inflowing of your love,
And that then will become your Holy Spirit
To bring into our souls this,
Your divine love, in great abundance.
Until our souls are transformed
into the very essence of Yourself:
And that there will come to us
Faith—such faith
As will cause us to realize
That we are truly your children
And one with you in very substance
And not in image only.

Let us have such faith
As will cause us to know
That you are our Father,
And the bestower of every good,
And perfect gift,
And that, only we ourselves,
Can prevent your love
Changing us from the mortal
To the immortal.

Let us never cease to realize
That your love is waiting
For each and all of us.
And, that when we come to you,
In faith and earnest aspiration.
Your love
Will never be withheld from us.

Keep us in the shadow of your love
Every hour and moment of our lives,
And help us to overcome
All temptations of the flesh,
And the influence of the powers
Of the evil ones
Who so constantly surround us
And endeavor to turn our thoughts
Away from you
To the pleasures and allurements
Of this world.

We thank you for your love
And the privilege of receiving it,
And we believe that you are
Our Father—our loving Father
Who smiles upon us in our weakness,
And is always ready to help us
And take us
To your arms of love.

We pray this
With all the earnestness
And sincere longings
Of our souls,
And, trusting in your love.
Give you all the glory
And honor and love
That our finite souls can give.


Thank you! :)

It is my wish to serve you with these words.

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Blessed day, I like to pray and read these texts full of love peace, attracts the best things for our wellbeing both physically and mentally.
That the problems do not lead you to despair but to prayer. Amen

Happy and blessed day for you my friend, how beautiful the prayer you show us in this day, giving us strength, support, wisdom and a lot of faith, so that everything improves in our lives and follow the path of good. Our father can do everything. Amen!

Hello, in my case we can pray anywhere, to pray is to talk to God, I pray as if I was talking to the best of friends God knows your heart and your whole being so talk to Him with all confidence is preferable if you are alone So you concentrate and speak with more freedom about any request, it is wonderful to have communication with God! The important thing is to feel that you are in communion with God and you will see how joy and peace illuminate your life ... BLESSINGS FOR ALL

HELLO friend @robertgenito a great topic praying is gratifying, it fills us with faith and benefit as love, peace God is our guide and returns our delivery greetings.

Excellent message that you give us friend, I have a baby of two years the first thing we do before going to bed is to pray.
It is very important to instill in our children our beliefs. God answers our prayers A THOUSAND BLESSINGS.

Thanks for the post, robertgenito.

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How does the bot find “positivity”? This sounds very interesting!


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Hello friend, prayer is our greatest support. Pray includes respect, love, supplication and faith. When we pray, we express impotence and surrender to God's will any situation. Pray benefits us at the level of action, thought and attitude. It is the cornerstone of spiritual practice because it enhances the power of chanting the Name of God, gives us divine protection against ghosts and our ancestors, reduces ego and increases our faith. We must pray more every day. Faith!

am blessed by this insightful and revelational prayer. The message it is carrying is really full of a very powerful aspect that every human being on this earth longs for and ought to have in abundance and that is.."love"

God is love and we his children were made in his very likeness. That's where the satisfaction of our hearts lies.

God answers prayer. I do agree with you upon this prayer and i belive it already an answered one. We now just have to sit back and see the manifestation of its fruits.

Thanks @robertgenito for sharing.
Its been a while hope all is well out there in America.

Hello friend, as always I hope you are well, I always have the prayers, today by the way the pipe my grade mass and visit the church, love you have a good day.


Love you too :)

HELLO FRIEND. For me Prayer is a means that some of us use, in order that God hears our "prayers", "supplications", "requests", praises or anything else we want to share with
The .... But you need another means that is neither less nor more important than this, inclusive, I would say that it is a complement to prayer ....... meditation.
In prayer, God listens to us and in meditation, we listen to God. "Praying without meditation is like when we bathe and do not use soap." BLESSINGS FRIEND


I’d say: prayer without a deep emotional desire and projection is like a juice with no water—it’s not juice XD

Hello friend, happy start for you, thank you for giving us this prayer. It is wonderful to pray, because it gives us confidence and brings us peace, eliminating our problems and our worries, but the most important thing is to have a lot of faith because faith can do it all, many blessings for you, friend ... !!!

A very nice greeting, very nice prayer, it is always good to pray at least once a day, it frees us from tensions, it gives us respect, peace and faith and above all it produces us well-being.

Hoal @robertgenito, through prayer we communicate with God, to thank and also to ask or simply to talk to him, since he is our creator! ... it is important to pray, because our spiritual life is strengthened, and the longer we are in the presence of God, we know him more and we hear his voice. Because God says, that his sheep hear his voice, they know his whistle. Because it increases our faith. Because when we have a problem, whatever it is, you know that you can go to God's presence, and seek help from him. Prayer changes all the things in the world.

We don't need to know any prayers or recite them. We should just pray to God using the ACTS model of adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication. The Lord's Prayer was meant to be a model. Not something people just recite.


Models are meant to have attention paid to them. Reciting is the same form of attention—I believe you mean to tell others to do MORE than “just recite”! That is great! :) <3

My family has always been very religious, and I love going to church, in fact I'm in the choir and it's something that fascinates me, I almost never miss the songs because it's something that inspires me and makes me calm, I hope you have a nice day