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Doctor Chauncey Crandall is a cardiologist who prays for his patients. This is his first experience with praying and receiving a miracle. His patient is Jeff Markin, who testifies to this experience.

Doctor Prayed and Patient Raised From the Dead - Jeff Markin & Dr ...
Video for The cardiologist who prays for the dead▶ 6:12

Jan 12, 2014 - Uploaded by HeavenVisit
Jeff Markin died of massive heart attack. Cardiologist Dr Crandall prayed for the dead body. The dead

Thank you, Lord, that we can pray
For healing miracles today


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Okay. Well, thanks so much. Looks like you are doing very good for being so new.

This is a super story of obedience and the power of God to accomplish His will in our life! There is much I do not understand! I want to study the events to know the formula of having prayers answered. I believe there is no formula. God works in mysterious ways. I kind of wish it were not so!

I like the stories where gold dust is falling on people. I heard of one church, where this happens, sweeping up the gold dust and using it to pay off the church building. Henry Gruver, prayer walker to the world, was discouraged by skeptics not to believe in such things. Then it happened to him when he was giving a sermon. God certainly has wondrous ways, whether people believe it or not.

Incredible! Prayer can move mountains. I'm so glad that Dr. went back and prayed.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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