A Simple Prayer 14.

in prayer •  2 months ago

"Oh Lord, let no man and demon trouble me, cover me with your mercy and shield me from the troubles of life in Jesus Name...Amen."

The day is daily filled with troubles from man and demons unseen. You get thrown into certain parts of your day completely unprepared for what is coming. You are not informed of the troubles of the day and when they come crashing down, they leave us stunned and sometimes beaten to a pulp.
I Feel Blessed!

Stepping out of your house to face the challenges of life everyday can be really unpredictable. You must know the usefulness of having a great day and you must do whatever it takes to have a blessed day.
My prayer for you is that.., "You will find the mercy of God in every aspect of your life and you will end up prosperous in Jesus Name..."

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@ejemai, Amen.
Baba thanks for the prayer.
And i pray that God will relocate u and your with testimonies... Have blissful week ahead.


Amen and have a blessed week.
Stay awesome!

Amen. I particularly refuse to be troubled by all the challenges of business and the Nigerian climate...Amen


Amen and I join faith with you to win in every aspect of your endeavor.
Stay awesome!

Amen. Yes let no man, let no demon, trouble me and my household for we bear in our bodies the marks of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thanx @ejemai for the prayers.


Amen. The protection of God beats all else.
Stay awesome!

Smiles, Amen!!
@ejemai at first I doubted if this was your post 🙄😅, like seriously are you the one praying lol.
Don't mind me jare. I pray for you, what ever you prayed for me in hundreds folds. Stay awesome 😁


Amen. Lol, that is the only true weapon I have and pray it works for us all.
Stay awesome!