Feb. 24th Daily Prayer Request Thread - Have Need Of Any Kind? The miraculous is the normal for those who ask

in #prayer-request4 years ago

As a christian I have seem many miraculous answers to prayers, God has been proven to true when He says whatever you ask for believing it will be done, and whatever 2 or 3 agree upon will be done.. christians let's pray for each other and all who post here and watch the Lord move, according to His perfect will in the situation..

In addition to the prayers of those here I'm in a weekly prayer group and we will pray there also for the requests..

Please note just feel free to rather make your own prayer request post, I will be praying for regardless of method. Please use the christian-trail or a new prayer-request tag tho to ensure max visibility among christians.

Commenting that you're praying is not necessary for sharing in rewards, if you prefer just upvote the request.

Reward share will be the SBD portion received, as Steem Power cannot be shared in steemit.

Fellow believers, if can be resteemed throughout the day for maximum visibility, tnx..

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We need to continue to pray for folks who are infected with the Corona Virus. May God help us through this.

Christian catholic here. Thanks for praying. My prayers are for asking for work to provide for the family -me included-. Me, and many persons have this need. Prayers your way too...

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