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Prasaga- Smart Contract

Prasaga's mission is to create a global data network with its operation's objective and make the growth of the asset value of the DataGrid token. As the detector token represents data as currency, so it is called data currency.

DataGrid Blockchain

The DataGrid Blockchain is a new form for a blockchain that incorporates the concept of proof- of-work, proof-of-stake, parallel chain/ sharing, Byzantine fault tolerance, verifiable random functions, staking, open, permissionless design, or open-source code. This data grid blockchain is explicitly designed to secure low latency, high up the throughput transaction rates, and scalable with increased source availability. The DGP uses the DataGrid Token( DGT) as its native coin, while DGT is a mind coin that functions precisely as the ethereum coin. It is created as an incentive award for miner's block production similar to both Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Prasaga- A Decentralized Network

Prasaga Foundation is managed by the prasaga supervisory board which consists of several nonprofit entities operating under the prasaga board of directors. Prasaga is basically a decentralized network that can route data flows dynamically between distributed message services and clients. It creates an emerging interoperable messaging network to share information and data. At the same time, prasaga DataGrid enables the ability to enhance the work environment and infrastructure through a trip to an economic incentive system. This explicitly designed system is embedded with a regenerating ecosystem principle and a unique triple bottom line alignment.

The product suite of Prasaga creates an underlying global foundation for all transactions financial and others while protecting individual sovereignty and ownership/access of all assets. The key advantage of decentralized networks is system reliability. If one component goes down or is hacked, the rest of the network will not be compromised and will remain operational. Centralized processing networks must have sufficient capacity to avoid bandwidth bottlenecks, while decentralized networks must be optimized to combat latency.

The idea of DataGrid prasaga has only become possible with the existence of an essential decentralized Internet of Things (IoT) device ecosystem. The Internet of Things( IoT) is a virtual network of devices, electronics, vehicles, and other physical entities that involves multiple connections, sensors, actuators, and software that creates opportunities for the direct integration of physical work with a computer-based system.

Data Modeling

Data modelling is a process of modelling data that is related to all the entities present in the data grid architecture, which includes all of the internets of things data communicated on it. Entities present in the data grid architecture relies on using the data model as a common language among them. The open and published data model allows grid sellers' databases and data exchange markets to negotiate a well-defined data stream offering. The main concern of the DataGrid is facilitating the data communication from Data provided to data consumers.

DataGrid Token( DGT)

DataGrid Token is a cryptocurrency used in a blockchain Market for transaction fees for validating awards and data grid data transactions. The prasaga foundation is on its mission to drive growth and support detected globally; therefore, the previous treasury was funded according to technomics. Blockchain Marketplace will use the stakes consensus model as opposed to a Proof-of-Work consensus model for validating blocks.

Smart Object Asset

To understand the difference between a smart contract option platform and an extensible blockchain object model platform, let us take the example of heat and workbook. Let's assume the Three Types of sheet architecture.

● Single sheet defects with external Input and differences between cells on a single sheet.

● Workbooks with multiple sheets are limited, such as all the external imports and internal

sheet references are within individual sheets. No connections are allowed to happen

between various sheets in the workbook.

● Workbooks with multiple sheets having both external Input and internal references

between cells.

Blockchain works as a single sheet:

The first type of single sheet with external Input and differences between cells is only allowed on a single sheet, the same as the blockchain works. Where:

● A single Bitcoin blockchain is represented as a single sheet.

● No explicit account state cracking.

● No asset ownership.

● Only bitcoin transfer transactions can happen.

● Asset transfer happens outside of the blockchain

Smart Contract Blockchain Platform (Ethereum) works as a Workbook with multiple sheets.

The second sheet analogy where workbooks with multiple sheets and Limited and the external Input and internal sheet references are within each sheet—the smart contract platform acts as analogous to a standalone bitcoin sheet blockchain. Commonly smart contracts are used for tokenization and manage a completely separate and unrelated to can. Following the sheet model

● Each smart contract is a separate sheet that manages a single token

● Keep track of the accounts and balance

● Each account can be thought of as a row, and all such transactions must be ordered and serialized in the sheet

● Only a single transaction can happen at a time per smart contract

● Only a bitcoin transfer transaction can happen

Prasaga Team:

Extensible Blockchain Object Model (XBOM)

The DGB falls at the third category of sheet analogy where Workbooks with multiple sheets, both external and internal differences between the cells, are fully supported. The inextensible option of the model platform oxygen is represented as a sheet workbook where a separate sheet is designed for each account within the workbook. The XBOM eliminates the smart contract model's limitation and can be thought of as referencing cells between sheets. Each smart object can present virtual assets might be a title to property, vehicle, or stock. Smart objects can be transferred between user accounts. The smart contract model transaction between the accounts do not need to be serialized with the standard smart contract account.

● Sheet Workbook models depict an extensible Blockchain object model.

● A separate sheet represents each user account

● User account assets can be analogous to cells in each sheet

● The transaction can happen between user accounts, analogous to transferring cell content between the sheets

● No smart contract account needed

● Instead of serializing per smart contract their supports the multiple simultaneous smart objects.

Community Presale starts January 22nd

For DeFi Launch, the erc-20 DataGrid Token (DGT) Tokenomics

For more detail and info visit the official pages of prasaga DataGrid #Blockchain (DGB).

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