Induce Autophagy by 24-36 hr fasting

in prameshtyagi •  8 months ago

Autophagy is a process in which strong cell kills old and weak cells in body if one observe fast for 24-36 hr and drinks lot of water.

By this process one in addition to decreasing weight- u can also enhance your immune system.

In india Fasting is imbibed in our cultural system. Women normally fast on regular basis and it is observed they live longer than men.

2016 Nobel prize was given to yosinuri ohsumi, a Japanese Scientist for his discovery that fasting induced autophagy.

In this video he explains the process.

So observe fasts regularly to enhance yr immune system and live healthy life.

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Congratulation to the old man! Lots of information. Nice share @prameshtyagi

from Berlin @seejc

Nice information