I don't want to work for anybody but for Blockchain - Part 1

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The picture above eludes everybody. We all want to work like him.

I myself worked for 20 years starting in 1995 and lately dreamed of working like the guy in the picture. In fact when I left my Job in 2015 -I went out to my village and started doing coding to use Amazon Cloud Service for my long conceived and nurtured ideas of running a AI enabled Robotic Trader as seen in below picture

Image may contain: Pramesh Tyagi, tree and outdoor

After working for nearly two years -I deployed my solution on AWS and it did produce very good results which I kept sharing on my web VulturesPick.

However, the dilemma I faced was

  1. I had to have somebody to monitor that everything is running OK
  2. If there was a problem then I had to be available to make it work again
  3. And if I needed to scale up then accordingly I needed more human resources

All the above points actually needed my round the clock personal attention which I always wanted to stay away from.

What was needed is an ecosystem in which an unbiased reward mechanism drives various stakeholders, according to their capability, to onboard, contribute, cooperate, compete, be rewarded, and leave & rejoin at wish without being answerable to any human being - the badass BOSS.

I kept searching to rescue myself from this grinding need of being available to run an organization and not becoming myself a badass boss. And then I re-stumbled upon the world of blockchain in March 2017. I say restumbled because first time I came close to it is when post Lehman Brothers Collapse - I happened to know about the now famous Bitcoin in March 2009 when I was packing my bags in Cairo to go to Houston on another important assignment in Schlumberger. I was convinced then about the merits of Bitcoin, although did not action, and I am convinced now.

In last one year I have studied a lot about this world of blockchain. I now see a possibility of realizing my dream of not working for anybody.

In next post I will list out various possibilities that I may engage myself in to free myself from working for a badass BOSS but for a system. Stay Tuned.

In the meantime please share your ideas how people can work for blockchain.


If you have a dream to become independent and you work hard for it, you will do it. There are endless possibilities, especially for a growing technology like blockchain. And if you are a programmer you need not to worry. A friend said she know a head hunter who told her that for every programmer there are 8 jobs here in Norway. If you quit your job, you will always find something to do. The best is to make an idea into reality and doing or own projects if you can. I also experience this getting regularly requests on linkedin for jobs. I would recommend to start it as a hobby, and when it starts going good you can quit your job. However there are plenty projects you can work on where they are your client and you are your own boss. Once you quit a job you will start to see all the possible ways to earn money.

If you work much you don't have time to make money 💸💲📈 nor to use your brain.

I will follow you to see how you will develop.
Follow me too on @seelc

Great post. Good luck to you.
Your @seelc

(ICO) WELL - Airbnb of Healthcare
powered by blockchain

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Excuse me for advertising. It is necessary to earn. I'll try to stop soon. :)

i'm also thinking learning how to code in blockchain, but there's a new technology emerging like "hash graph", what i saw on documentary, hash graph is way more efficient than blockchain, it has faster transaction and scalability. You might want to search it out, and let see what you think. :)

Hashgraph is a Distributed Ledger Technology

It seems like u are for seeing something that is yet to emerge. All the best for your endeavours

Sounds like a typical Millennial.

I guess most of us were employees and are slaves by our employers just because of a certain amount of salaries. We are dreaming to be financially free like of that above photo, we are dreaming that one day we are not working for the money but otherwise. Not many of us born with wealthy parents with their huge businesses.

Definitely, its not our fault that we are born average-wealth person but to stay the same will be our choice. This cryptocurrency has a great potential for us to be financially free if we managed it correctly and wisely. In fact, many of our fellow cryptonians earn huge and even they hit into thousands of dollars if not millions.

I agree, the potential is enormous! One of the key reason to make me join Steemit was that Dan Larimer said.."make governments irrelevant"! Now that is some potential :)

I agree with @luca1777, it's not the employers themselves but the taxes, rules and regulations that enslave everyone. And who makes those rules but the governments and politicians in league with the big corporations of course? Life, Liberty and Property are what we must regain & preserve.

Dan is super genius and we should support his initiatives and in turn be rewarded ourselves too

Agreed my friend :)

I would like to add one more point to it
My experience shows that flexi working is almost difficult in corporates like I want to work only 3 days a week or only 4 hrs day. I am ok to get 50% cut on my salary but corporates don’t allow that option very easily.

It is this requirement that also is easily filled by blockchain ecosystem

Elizah. Its not the employers that are keeping us slaves. Its ourselves! Until we "grow up" we can not blame others who act on our behalves let it be a president, a boss or just about anybody who you entitled to act on your behalf in any imaginable way. Life - ever since the beginnings- is a journey on the path of "good & bad". We are getting very close to the end of this journey and it`s a 50:50 chance if it ends with a total disaster or a total remodelling of the lost Paradise. While you can only think about working like on that picture above, you are lost in the deepest mud of "forgettance" of who we really are, i.e. you live in The Matrix.

That is another dimension of thinking and currently not being under discussion in this article.

yes so very true..so lucky for the people who was born rich...but me ,who was born by a very poor parent had to work hard for us to eat 3 times a week..ive experience also to work 8 am to 8 pm just to earn a 170 pesos..but i felt lucky now that i am part of this community @steem

I would like to follow your steps twirls real income from blockchain .. so i will follow
You so not to miss your new posts 😎

No new posts ?

Welcome !

same for me blockchain is the most interesting thing right now

do share how you intend to use it

Pramesh the tyagi. Your thoughts hit a nerve with the public. Everyone feels like they are trapped on "the Hamster Wheel" otherwise widely known as the rat race.

A tyagi is a Yogi or secret renunciate, or maybe it's really your name!.

I am glad to see so many people are actually thinking same way.

For Tyagi - it is my surname. And yes Tyagi’s are Brahmans who actually stopped taking any donations long back for their survival and instead started farming. And so they are called Tyagi’s.

Very interesting. I didn't know that background, only that tyagya is a kind of inner renunciation which is a great and very useful concept in itself.

I am ready to escape the paper pushing bullshit of modern society. Blockchain can have all that work :-).

Hope one day to be my own boss with that kind of flexibility. Still looking for the right opportunity that I can afford to create.

so you basically pay for upvotes and make money that way?
i just watched your wallet sence your transfer to upmewale then after to a bunch of other voting bots.
can you teach me how to make alot of money from the bots without people actually looking at my post?

please please please!

Your conclusion is not correct. I actually lose 25% when I use bots for upvote. And still use bots. Do you wants to know why? Because I believe in Steem platform and anticipating that if I can be visible then I will be able to develop a network of steem users who see value in my posts and my other works and that would allow me to collaborate with them for win -win outcome.

Hope u get my point.

You lose 25%.
thats crazy, i watched you spend over 200 sbd in 20 min! so after 4 posts its costing you around 600 bucks?!?!?!
i thought you were making money.

i personally think if you wanted to help grow the platform it would do more good to power up with that 600 bucks every 4 posts and upvote the people that interact with you and upvote your stuff, then their votes on your post would be worth more.

Damn thats crazy, i thought it was gona be like a 1k pay out post when i seen your wallet start wizzing by.

Well ill check your posts out and if i like them ill follow, so i guess your plan did work on its getting you visibility.

have a great weekend and thank you for explaining it to me, i thought for some reason people paid for upvotes to make money i just couldnt figure out how to do it or something.

Just be clear. People are paying bots to get visibility. Bots are making apprx 25% more than they would if they had upvoted themselves.

So I don't consider bots as enemies of the platform but enabler to let the system develop attention economy which is hotly contested field right now.

Yep 👍🏼 and the more visibility the more followers , and the more real sustainable upvotes , and the more smarter growth on the long run !


how do you feel about the removal of the view counter yesterday so people cant continue pointing out how people are getting hundreds of upvotes from bots but single digit views on the posts?

wouldnt you like to know how many of the votes you got came from actual people and not all just from multi sock puppet accounts?

Took steemit 4 months of everyone yelling for a view counter in the early days of the platform to stop the alt account bot scam as it was the only way to prove people were self upvoting with bots and now all of a sudden they removed it without saying a word like no one noticed.

idk, if you think bots are good then i guess we will just have to agree to disagree. i see it only as more consolidation of the power on the platform to the preminers that mined 98% of the platforms steempower before stopping all mining and it was opened up to the public.

Comments still provide a measure about if the content is being read and discussed or not.

I also noticed just now about the view counter and I am equally surprised. Hope they will restore it

Although I have a suggestion to make in this regard that there should be two type of trending

  1. Based on maximum rewards
  2. Based on maximum number of upvotes, comments, and views.

I think that would be awesome, maybe keep trending as most commented, viewed and stuff and then make a page thats all the top paying stuff.

I also hope they bring back the view counter, it supplied alot of information even if not 100% accurate.

well some people are...some people are abusing them
no point in ignoring the obvious issues with the bots.
it's a great system but needs improvement

if you spent 200 and got 244 sbd and 80 sp you didn't lose anything..... Only way you are going to lose now is if steem price drops and that's not the case. You will actually make about 50% in profits on this....

No. I will get only 75% of what u see on post and so either break even or minor loss/profit

I agree with that completely @prameshtyagi
Some people don't understand the concept of investing in yourself
There is problems with bot abuse....but not use

Yes u are right. System improvement based on community feedback should happen

try minnowbooster they have a cool system.

It’s depend on your investment size how much you invested. There is two three way to earn money
1 is be a beggar
2 is be a invester
3 is be a criminal
So beggars don’t have a social reputation and criminal don’t have a life to enjoy then third is good for a common man
Now what you wanna do , do as per your mind

im number 4, bust ass and make content that actual people upvote. maybe that is the real number 2 though considering without content creators spending time this site has nothing but beggars, cash investors and criminals.

investment size i guess would be 2 years of my life and 12k+ posts.

I agree that content creators will provide the fuel for it to run but investors provide the vehicle in which fuel can be used.

So both are important and both need to be rewarded

I just looked at ur post, your more then doubling your money with the upvots you paid for. not losing at all like you claimed.

Without creators this site is nothing but a circle jerk, investors upvoting other investors to make money caring nothing about actual content creation. As the big names that show up realize how the system works they leave, at first they shil for it not realizing they are the product that steem is selling then after they leave and their followers slowly go with them.

User rentintion on this platform has only gotten worse over the years and its no supprise to me.

You could bring a million noobs to this site and unless your getting upvoted by a whale or buying votes they wouldnt make anything compared to the people with 6 whale circkle jerk buddies that have no followerrs in the real world out side of steemit. 1million minnow votes wont pay shit compared to one whale vote.

I guess its all about how much money you have to put into the scam and not about the platform or content creation or anything like that.

Maybe ill try using all the vote bots you used for my next post and see if i can also rape the reward pool without getting views.

Losing 25% per post!
You more then doubled your money paying for votes.

Why all companies give money for their product advertisement.

getting paid money to advertise on your post is not the same paying money to someone that premined the system to give you upvotes, steemit does not make money by advertising it makes its value by growing the chain block by block. The blocks are suposta represent work done but thats not the way it has ended up.

Today steem is at 3 and one earns steem more easily but as time passes by steem will be at much higher price plus earning steems will be much more difficult

That won’t mean that today’s earners have premined. They in fact are taking risk on their money as well as in their time.

So nothing wrong who have premined.

I dont think you understand what happend to and what that premined power is used for.

Bidbots are people with high stakes, not people who have premined. All the premined money is in the hands of steemit inc which doesn't use it to vote.

not true.
if it is then there is a huge problem, all premining was suposta be opened to the public to keep it decentralized in power. so if all is owned by steemit inc then from the very begining the whole platform was all a lie.
also they were manually booting miners that were not part of their little group when mining was going on, so they were trying to centralize the power while saying it was open and decentralized.
if you think all the steempower that was premined before all mining was stopped and the platform was opened to the public is only owned by steemit inc and not 98% of the whales then you obviously dont know your steemit history.

I cant even continue with this one yo, sorry but your whole comment is false.

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So nice of u for yr gesture


Perfect work, Blockchain is future and future is Blockchain.

The issue of serving is always the worst ever. I have been enslaved for over 9 years now, I earn so little, and sometimes I think it is my punishment for failing my engineering course and dropping out of school due to lack of funds.

I work tirelessly everyday to please my bosses but all I get is a pat in the shoulder not a voucher/bonus check. I go extra mile because if I don't then someone who can will be hired to replace me.

The pittance I get cannot even sustain myself, and now that I have a family it's a worst strain. It takes everything out of me and I have to earn something better too. I wish I had good startup to work on blockchain too, it would really make a difference.

Happy for those that have the ability to make money online without the stress of pleasing a boss for peanuts

I would suggest to buy some steem and powerup to augment yr earnings

How do I do that?

We learn a lot in the journey and you also learn a lot in these 20years. Never do mistakes which you learned in past and concentrate toward your goal. @prameshtyagi i wish you not stop working toward your vision. I know we get a lot of problems while pursuing our dream or imagination but never stop until it achieved.

That's kind of lifestyle everyone expects where no one is telling you what to do. You do your things and live a live you always wanted!

that's great to share...

Thank you very mych @prameshtyagi your indeed an inspiration to we steemians, myself especially.

I sincerely appreciate yr kind words

Its well deserved Sir. Thanks

This first picture with that guy making money while relaxing on the tree is probably the best visual reflection of the goal that many of us have nowadays. I want to say, that we live during a really wonderful times now here, when this aim can be easily achieved in 2-3 years of some hard work on the ground. Especially if you are open to new things that keep appearing around us so fast, and you can feel true potential of a just-born thing (idea or new coin, or a platform) and if you manage to finally use that growing potential wisely, than yes, 2-3 more years and you'll be on that beach tree.
Hey @prameshtyagi, I wish you to achieve success with blockchain technologies and wish to see you around relaxing on the neighboring tree on that rich beach in a couple of years.

This is the stuff our new heroes are made from.
Free yourself is the era we are in 👊

The dilemma of an entrepreneur looks like the story here. You created a business but the business needs your steady attention to flourish.

Its a way to go, am also in such web now.

Yeah right...it makes me ponder.

Yes that is a trap we don’t expect to fall in

Nice location to chat not work

Good for you!! Best of luck

Highly interesting...... far away from "mainstream"

Thx for these impressions :)

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Me too, I want to work for me rather than become a corporate slave my lifetime. However, I have no choice. I need some fiat currency to survive this cruel world.

Sooner than later cryptocurrency will be able to buy u all the stuff needed to survive so think for future

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I enjoyed your post @prameshtyagi mostly because it speaks of a truth I believe all people of all background should pursue: true freedom in the ability to do what we were created to do: Live!

May we all find this dream and hope of a life without borders (borders set in my place by people mind you, not God or life), and expand our minds as far as they can go to endure never-ending to live a life truly worth living for. And that is the passion in your post that I love and I can't wait to see and hear more of it!

Thus, I am following you, not with the intention of you following or upvoting me, but with the belief and support in what you are talking about. Your success may be a step for someone else, so here's to you, noble @prameshtyagi!


I liked yr observation that blockchain will enable borderless collaboration.

Yes I am excited with this possibility being realized by blockchain.

The concept of virtual countries or virtual citizens will become possible.

I sincerely hope that this development takes away the need of military and role of military should become implementation and protection of blockchain enabled international law and order.

I loved the idea of working like the guy in picture, I too would love to do that some day. I don't know about block chains but I do dream of building a residual income so big that i will not have to worry of generating money anymore. I am looking forward to building a system where I can just relax and enjoy life and the system earns big for me.

I do not advocate that we should have lot of money so that we are not required to work.

Instead the systems should respect and provide us the space to work while we have our freedom. We should not beg for vacation when I need them for whatever reason. I should come and work today but next day I am free if I want to work or not and third day again I can work without any repercussions of being off in between

money matters, you are working because you need money for survival. If you didn't require money you wouldn't be working friends, sad but universal truth ,everyone works for money.

Work to earn that much required for yr expenses and try to control the unwanted expenses. That is what I am saying

Hard-work and passion pays
these are the motivations i took home from your post.
thank you!

Use yr time effectively. That’s all we can do

That greats post

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Totally glued. I started on my own 2 years back and there are times when I just regret all the efforts for I need to be available all the time. It's just you who can handle if shit happens and then as we know in a start up the shit is bound to happen.

I've had days when I hired people to handle bigger things and restrict my work but then after all no one handles your work like you yourself can.

That is true. Always have least expectations from others. And devise yr Rewards schemes in such a way so that people feel self motivated to contribute

Sir I did route them thru. Major push back comes from the ones at the lowest level since they have plenty of others who won't ask the experience and offer a similar package.
BTW m quite keen to learn about blockchains and been going thru anything that I get around it on Google still feel clueless when it comes to explaining beyond concepts

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Inspires me a lot... thanks bro.... keep going on...

This is my dream and my problem. You have encapsulated my thought. I am a person that people pay a lot for but I cannot sub-contract as my expertise is the selling point. I am going to think about this and post. Thanks @davidmcmillen

I want Mr. and Mrs. Blockchain, whoever they are, to be my only bosses as well. 😜

great your prameshtyagi post.I always try to vote and comment more to everyone and hopefully I will vote and comment.

To be honest, i want to be the photographer of that image.

Creative people who don’t work on time limited projects can lead this type of life even without blockchain

attracted looking

so nice of you

wow amazing bro. mind blowing photo shoot.

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u wont get it bro

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Thank You! ⚜

Great photo, we lovers photography ..!!

I like your photo ("-")

I am flattered. appreciate you.

Yeah, brother help me to level up, please upvote & comment in my post .!! Thank

thanks for followers
I want to success with you

the caption it self .. saying lot of things ... great all the best

My goal has always been to be a master of myself; I dnt like it when I have to be commanded up and down on every little task.....And i love the fact that I'm an artist which makes me self employed and a master of my own........ It's a good thing you're working for yourself; well done

thanks for appreciating and sharing your own life

You're welcomed

If you want from your heart then you must be able to do so. Block chain technology may be a great harbour for you, especially steemit platform. Wish for your free life. TC.

Thanks so much

Hello everyone, I know you don't know me but I need your help. My friend needs surgery. Please check my blog for details

Very sad. I wish all the best for your friend.

I don't want my adulthood to be all just work work work that's why I use steemit. I think it's a great start.

It's a great destination since the weather is fantastic all year round, however as the island gets crowded with families with children in summer, those who prefer a more party experience should visit from September - November and March - June. You can still go to the beach in winter but it's not your dream holiday @prameshtyagi

u did not say about the destination location

If you are trader, try this tool. It simplifies the viewing of courses and notifies about the rise and fall https://usignals.com/

Thnx. But I already have a robo trader for crypto

This is great to share @prameshtyagi.

Thank you for sharing this.

From: @seejc

Is's better to work on your dreams rather than fulfilling someone's else..

I appreciate the discussion here, as I am trying to figure out how all this works.

For that I will write detailed post. This is just a warmer

I believe steem is a great blockchain where you can "work for yourself" just by having a very popular blog or by creating software that lots of people love which in turns gives you enough income to live off it and be a steem entrepreneur which is what a lot of us have done already (and what I'm moving towards with SteemPress)

Thanks a lot for using it btw, if you have any issues/features requests, feel free to come to me on steem.chat :)

Thank u @howo for your suggestions. You are right that steem is for sure one such system. Although, I would love to have delegation process to be much more simplified from Steemit only.

I liked steempress. It is excellent plugin.

I think it will be useful for many SMT tokens when SMTs are enabled on blockchain

Cool, sweet and beautiful place

Your idea is great. I personally tried several times. But it did not work. I hope you get up.

Do share yr experience for why it failed?

helo you can just how effective your post and many voters, thank you

What Sonu mean?

mean to be yourself to be used to the good matching

cooolll trabajar para uno mismo

It was indeed a bold step to make.
I'm looking forward to reading your next post. 😀

Your are welcome. 😀