Crypto world is considered safe haven against geopolitical risk : US missile attack on Syria is case proving this

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Trump announced through his famous tweet that strike are coming on 3:57 AM of 11 April 2018:

And next day on 12 April 2017 same time He created a bit of confusion about timing of the strike:

And this is his tweet wherein he announced attacks decision. Public announcement was made almost 14 hrs later the strike happened.

US missile strike happened at 2 am UTC but crypto world started going up apprx 10-12 hrs before that. Looking at timelines and secrecy required to carry out such operation - it is possible that actual decision was actually taken when he sent out a tweet to confuse everybody. And that is when crypto market started going up.

That means someone had the concrete info that US is certainly going to strike soon. And they also knew that crypto world will react positively to the news.

And BTW Stock market still have to react as news broke late for it.

It can be concluded that crypto assets could be safe bet against geopolitical risks.


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Powerful tool. I have book marked it for future reference.

I thought you were a bot so I wasn't expecting a reply 😄

Maybe you could include it in your transparency comments? Or I understand if you want to continue to appear neutral.

This particular tool does have to stay VERY neutral. But the link has real possibilities.

Yes, you were correct, the message is from a fully automated bot, but I @bycoleman, try to respond to constructive feedback.


Wow, thank you for the huge upvote for @transparencybot, it is VERY much appreciated!

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This is great info.

GOvts are broke . Controlled freedom is no freedom . People has bitter taste in 2008 , this aint repeat the same way . Crypto will save a lot of (if not all) asses. Thanks for the heads up

I also witnessed 2008 keenly and fully convinced that crypto is future

Crypto is about to take over!

Good post, you have a point.
It’s sad to see that there is nothing they won’t do to protect the petro dollar which is doomed to fail at some point in the future. Cheers mike

Which petro dolar u refers to


Exactly, who needs petroleum if inter-dimensional bastards exist who use some form of zero point energy for their machines? Boom the real reason why these beings existence ain’t been released yet, people would wake up and not use the dollar anymore would they

Dollar won’t survive long and so other Fiats so why to talk about them

I think Trump many decision is wrong.

nice post and very very good information.thanks bro. carry on.good job.

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Nice post and good find.

I don't know that there is a way to prove you are correct, but you definitely raise an interesting point. If you are correct, I wonder who was privy to that info - that's a nice gig.

That is something to be investigated by federal agencies... or other interested parties from world.

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