Crypto world is considered safe haven against geopolitical risk : US missile attack on Syria is case proving this

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Trump announced through his famous tweet that strike are coming on 3:57 AM of 11 April 2018:

And next day on 12 April 2017 same time He created a bit of confusion about timing of the strike:

And this is his tweet wherein he announced attacks decision. Public announcement was made almost 14 hrs later the strike happened.

US missile strike happened at 2 am UTC but crypto world started going up apprx 10-12 hrs before that. Looking at timelines and secrecy required to carry out such operation - it is possible that actual decision was actually taken when he sent out a tweet to confuse everybody. And that is when crypto market started going up.

That means someone had the concrete info that US is certainly going to strike soon. And they also knew that crypto world will react positively to the news.

And BTW Stock market still have to react as news broke late for it.

It can be concluded that crypto assets could be safe bet against geopolitical risks.


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This is great info.

GOvts are broke . Controlled freedom is no freedom . People has bitter taste in 2008 , this aint repeat the same way . Crypto will save a lot of (if not all) asses. Thanks for the heads up

I also witnessed 2008 keenly and fully convinced that crypto is future

Crypto is about to take over!

Good post, you have a point.
It’s sad to see that there is nothing they won’t do to protect the petro dollar which is doomed to fail at some point in the future. Cheers mike

Which petro dolar u refers to


Exactly, who needs petroleum if inter-dimensional bastards exist who use some form of zero point energy for their machines? Boom the real reason why these beings existence ain’t been released yet, people would wake up and not use the dollar anymore would they

Dollar won’t survive long and so other Fiats so why to talk about them

I think Trump many decision is wrong.

nice post and very very good information.thanks bro. carry on.good job.

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Nice post and good find.

I don't know that there is a way to prove you are correct, but you definitely raise an interesting point. If you are correct, I wonder who was privy to that info - that's a nice gig.

That is something to be investigated by federal agencies... or other interested parties from world.

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Yeah good ideas and I understand something from your article

thnx for appreciation

It's good to be part of the crypto movement. Great post though! Thanks for sharing ;D

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I don't know Rick it looks fake

Jesus. And now it happened. We live in a crazy world.

My observation says people in high positions deny or confuse till last minute about any catastrophe event that they know is coming in order to set their houses in order before others panic and do not leave any space for them to act

Yes, it is definitely a strategy. But it just keeps disappointing me.. As if people haven't done enough to destroy Syria

thanks your post!!

How will you use your crypto is there is no world anymore?

Maybe there is just no relation between Syrian conflict and Bitcoin /crypto market?

always possible. let us see few more geopolitical events in future and how it reacts to know if it or not

Geeeez this is so hectic. I had no idea that the situation had escalated to this degree. I don't know if I should be excited about war or shocked. I prefer excited..

Don’t exit from

Thanks friend!!!

Boom please

Steady and very nice your post, I really like it...
my username is @badriadi83, please see my post if you wish, thank you

"Someone had concrete info". What do you mean by this in relation to crypto?

One person or many caused the spike? On which side of the world do you suspect??

Thanks in advance!

A person with network of people who bought the info and then acted upon it

Petrodollars was depressed by Petroyuan, Poundsterling Will died slowly if they were stay in Brexit, they need war, Venrock & Soros doing Bitcoin it's mean future.maybe.

The missile attack must be false. Because, if one missile is launched, there will be a world war.

which world u are living in? you seem to deny all evidences on the ground

The honey badger will keep making everybody wrong

This is something Tom Lee mentioned that crypto has uncorrelated alpha when compared to other asset classes. As you say this is great for those looking to get some insulation from geopolitical events. Even if investors don't believe fully in the promise of crypto, the fact they can park their money in an asset class other than precious metals that can still rise or remain level in the face of market downturns will be attractive to them.

That is right. Sooner or later people will come to senses that crypto assets have least geopolitical risks.

Thank you for your insightful analysis! I wish you much success and happiness in life!

crypto is such a word which is a demand to notice or get attention to others very quickly. cryptocurrency is a very safe currency for a transaction or other use and also some risk for a different purpose. you showed both of the side on your post, Really amazing . [email protected]

Nice view. Thnx

you are welcome bro.

Haha! Yeah! That's one of the best benefit of being in crypto world. No missiles can hurt you except if the real one drops from the roof of you house.

Yes. Absolutely right

This is some conspiracy theory bullshit, I tell you what. Look up what a short squeeze is. These are unrelated events.

funny how i laugh at every bitcoin post but NOT THIS ONE..i stopped tradding the crypto currency market at some point. because of two many analysis forecast and the likes. but the truth remains. some one predicted the market @december 2016 that it will project to $13,000 by december 2017 and indeed it got to $19, 000 plus...and so i watched the market went up and remained up for almost all months and i was so scared of ridding along because of my fear for over bought regions...and now @heiditravels ''UAE report' revealing her involvment in the blockchain system before the end of this year.. and this is in line with tim's earlier report somedays ago projecting the market t get to the $25, 000 befor the end of this year..right now i will take my positions for a buy..i will rather take a position and stay in the market irrespective of the move..than sit back and watch this end of the year prediction being met. i must confess i used to think that i understand the crypto currencies market not until i see posts like this..thank [email protected] ..this came in handy..thanks for the heads up

Thank u. Invest when market is low and then hold for much longer duration. That is the only way ride ups and downs

thank you for information !



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Well, thank you America!! what? sounds ironic? hahaha...

Continue like this, contributing with good content so that we can continue growing our community steemit, greetings

As far as safe heaven only few asset class are categorized like crude, gold,USD. In india crypto is not a asset class as a safe heaven.

U have not idea. Oil collapsed from 140$ to 30$ approx 80%. Other assets also have collapsed in similar ranges in cycles of boom and bust. So get yr data right

In which world u r living right now the crude is at $71 and rising, gold is also steady at 1351 $ and USD is at Rs.65 level. the crypto is not supposed to be a good choice for safe heaven specially in India as the regulator is not supporting it.

Holding the right cryptos will help you survive the next financial crisis (which is looming around the corner).

Your post is very good!

Now look me in the eye and Follow Me @cryptopay-blogYour post is very good

Sadly human life has no anymore.

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