practice upright bass

in practice •  3 months ago 

(unable to livestream at the moment so uploaded)

This is basically an unedited vid of me practicing. I believe it is a good thing to record yourself so that you can watch later from a more objective standpoint and see what needs to be improved.

These are early days in blockchain, and I'd like to use it as a way to store the history of my development in music. Since there is no way to completely master music, it can only ever be the journey.

Since I'm interested in music and blockchain, I thought as an experiment I could combine the two by livestreaming on STEEM. So I'd like to use it as a tool to improve my playing, to share with anyone interested, and a way to save time (as editing and uploading takes too much of that).

So as a warning this may be kinda boring to most people. But anyway, I'm hoping to see a steady music development over time.

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  • need to know the melody better.
  • needs more consistency