4 seems okay.

Honestly not fully sold on any of these designs. 1 is interesting for trying something different, 6 has elements that I like but not color wise, 3 looks like almost every other coin, 5 makes it feel more like an app button than a currency logo, but if that is what one would be going for maybe that should be the winner.

that looks like a Peso sign

Option 5 is the least appealing to me as it really does look like an app button like someone mentioned. 4 definitely seems the most "professional". I kind of like the first color scheme in 6, but it just seems to be a bit "too busy" for me. I like the font in option 2, but the logo seems a bit too much. Option 1 doesn't make it look like a coin logo.

Here's a larger version of option #4 for consideration:

I see my copy paste picsart entry wasn't included above....can't say I'm not a little upset right now....but it's ok....I'll get over it, eventually...

Can't believe there are so many votes for #3. Trolls? I like #1 and #6 best. #1 is a nice middle-out logo which fits pied piper well.

Option 1 looks cool. If you can mix it with one of the P’s maybe it’ll be better. Option 6’s P can be coloured accordingly and be added middle of the option 1 imo :)

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