I like the first attempt out of the 4 above. I would have someone do some variations with the first logo to tighten it up a bit. The 2 tone green colors seem kinda off, and the border could use some added defining. That's my 2 cents for the logo. I did however, just pick up my first round of PPI. Thanks to for completing the trade and to @piedpipercoin for the opportunity! Looking forward to next season!

Realy nice works.

#1 Sorry I'm late to the show. Had a few drinky drinks last night, wooooo!

Option 4 for me

Option 1 looks good, they all do, but id have to go with option 1

same cooments

Option 4 with option 3 in the middle.

Option 2 really stands out as being the cleanest and most professional.

To everyone who made one here, I think you guys did great work! Good Luck!

option 3 for me

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