What is PoWH3D And What You Should Know About It

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Before we explain what is PoWH3D, let’s go back and talk about PoWH (Proof of Weak Hands) that stormed the internet a month ago. 

PoWH started as a joke, well it is a joke. And on top of that, it also told the users the same thing. They communicated to its visitors directly that they are a Ponzi scheme and if you are investing money in it, you will lose it.

But you know what happened. People took this as a witty marketing tactic and invested in it anyway. So started coming reviews of many users getting profits and also those getting their money vanished…and rest is history.

 What Is PoWH3D (powh.io)? 

PoWH3D is PoWH minus the only thing people hated about it — the Ponzi scheme part. 

Too simple? Let’s dive deep into it. 

You see PoWH was a joke. It worked like an actual Ponzi scheme. PoWH3D, on the other hand, is an improvement on its predecessor as it is a serious and fair investment scheme for genuine investors. 

PoWH3D doesn’t give unfair advantage to those investing early and put restrictions on how money is invested to prevent any bias. It provides a proper channel for any investor to get a taste of a secure and one-of-its-kind smart contract. And it promises to never vanish with your money because it can’t. 

Features of PoWH3D 

PoWH3D (powh.io) offers some very unique and impressive features listed below: 

1. Linear Scaling 

It prevents early investors from taking unfair advantage and make sure to give dividends to every member equally. 

2. Masternode 

You can become a masternode when you have 5 or more tokens. When you are a masternode, you can get 3% of every transaction done by your referrals.  Once you buy P3D tokens, you will earn dividends over every transaction that occurs. This means that over every sell, buy and transfer order, you automatically receive free Ethereum - no questions asked. 

3. Dividend Policy 

When you become an investor, you will receive a fixed share of every contract bought after you. 

Why Trust PoWH3D? 

The code of PoWH3D is open source and can be accessed from the Ethereum website. With this transparency, you can verify that powh.io has the features it advertises. Need more proof? The code of PoWH3D has already been audited by many reliable names such as Norsefire, Arc, and Tocsick. Them and hundreds of other programmers have confirmed that it does what it says. 

How To Invest? 

If you think PoWH3D may be good for you, the investing process is easy, but not too simple. Follow these steps:

1. Go to the PoWH3D website and know more about it 

2. When you are satisfied, click on “Exchange” at the top right corner of the homepage. 

3. The newly opened page will tell you to install a Chrome extension “Metamask”. It is also available for FireFox. 

4. Upon installing Metamask, click on its icon and setup your account 

5. Now refresh the page you opened in point 2 

6. Buy, sell, and make money! 

That’s it. We hope you like our effort on explaining PoWHD3D as simply as possible. You can ask questions and share your views in the comments.  


i dont get it. so it is not a ponzi?

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