Just Powerd Up 10k SPORTS TOKEN

in #powerup3 years ago

I have Just Powered up 10K token in my sports token. I am sports writer. I found this platform very attractive and I thought I should use this platform. I have seen many people who have already known to me are doing post here So I think it will be a pleasant experience for us. Thank you for all the community.


I think that's a great call. I've powered up 40k sports so far and love having so much more interesting content to browse through.

Yeah , I wish I could joined more previously.

Thanks you for investing in our great platform. Regards champ.

Wow. that's good buddy.
I wanna do too but i dont have . Hehe
Hope you will enjoy with your power.

No problem man it is good, that is not so much lol you are more actve and intelligent than me you will surpass soon.

Thanks boss for cheking my post. hahaha nothing is enjoy man. it will help to grow the platform

I like the sports token too . and Powered up my sportspower to 8900.
I hope the 10 k coming soon.

Best Regards


YOu are not far from me lol

Well done 👍

That's great! Looking forward to reading your post.

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