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ET see earth 2.jpeg
My name is RMars and I am the Founder of Agents of Mars.
I drew this self portrait for all of You on Gimp!
You all are so special to every single one of my hearts.
I've been flying out here in space and picking up great signals
from planet Steemit.
With the help of my planetary searcher, smell-0-universe,
and wavy receiver something.
You can kinda see the instrument behind me.

Lucky enough for me,
I was able to learn two of your languages

I also then obtain the abilities I needed to communicate with you,
all thanks to Steemit.
Steemit is such an amazing platform filled with wonders
of your human element.

I'm on a mission to explore the creative freedom it seems many of you enjoy.
Maybe be able to build something innovative.
Hopefully earn myself some Steem in the process .
It is a right-of-passage where I am from to learn something new.
I dearly need to pass the up coming test or my debts will go
to my children and my children's children.
Then they will all die and turn to stone feeling
distasteful toward RMars as they solidify.
Kind of like my friend in this photo
not Uncle Bob

Except, I like to believe we turn to Stone we'll look like this.
Roman god of War

What are Those?! Mars Airs?

I need your help!

I'm looking to power up my ship!
I would be using Steem power to give back
to all of you active users of Steem who comment
and post here on the platform.
Flying through the clouds of Steemit.

I believe Steemit is one of the most powerful ways to be free,
to share
and be creative with the Universe!

Also, The energy should be enough to fuel my Ship, Forever!
We Hope.
So if you would follow us through our Journey @agentsofmars
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Now I will leave you with another old Battlefield montage. Ew
Some great moments I had playing online video games while passing time lost in space with some Xbox One friends.

Sound is way to loud So So Sorry
My Youtube and Source of Video

Hope you Enjoy because your Destiny Awaits Song by Figure
SoundCloud to Figure's Destiny Awaits
Figure's YouTube

Add me on Xbox 1 Agent RMars

Please, browse my feed if you haven't already maybe some treasure there.

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Whats up bro how are you havnt talked to you a min i just resteemed it itcool bro!!!


I've been good! Thank you for asking and I really appreciate you sharing my post.


Hey do you have my genesis code?


Leave it here. If you use my Genesis Mining Code


Let me know when so I can bump up priority. My list is small ATM so better chances I suppose. I am using GM to pump my Steem power up using block trades.


Thats a good idea bro!

hi! Welcome in our comunity ! Wish you good luck and patience


Thank you, I followed you and look forward to your post.

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Thank you So much! Such a helpful way to get big upvote.

Welcome to steemit! Excited to see your future posts


Thank you hope you'll enjoy them, soon.