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Power Ledger is Australia's first ICO. Based in Perth Western Australia, Power Ledger are looking to tokenise the energy/electricity market.

This ICO is offering something completely original from most of the current and past ICO's. Already partnering with many state based departments, for example Synergy in Perth (our energy and electricity retailer for Western Australia) and now Origin energy in Australia.

Currently in Australia, consumers who own domestic solar, have two options, use the power they generate, or sell the excess back to the main supplier. The issue here, is that the rate which we receive is very nominal compared to the actual rate customers are charged. To put it simply, we are paid a very small rate about 1/5th of what we are charged. Power Ledger aim to provide customers with the option to sell their excess power back to other consumers for an agreed rate, exclusive of the middle man. ie peer to peer. By investing in the tokens, "Power" the owners of these tokens will then be able to use these to purchase or trade "Sparks" or electricity.

The plus which is obvious to me, comes to customers who are not in a position to invest in renewable energy, for example a new family to Australia finding their feet, may decide to rent for a while, and in renting they find a property that has no solar panels and poor old fashioned in-efficient heating and cooling systems. Rather than just paying exorbitant high energy costs, this family would have the option to purchase excess energy that is available from a more energy efficient property that does not need the power and would also like to get more $ for their excess power! This is just one case use that I can see very quickly from this platform.

The whitepaper and other papers are very detailed and I highly recommend a look. There is a good limited supply of tokens in the 9 figures (not 10) and a very talented and experienced team and also advisers to the project. Bonuses are currently on offer with the current bonus at 15% extra tokens.


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