Power Ledger POWR a New Star is Rising

Powerledger is an Australian based company that held an ICO a few weeks back and since its launch on Binance and Bittrex, its been growing like crazy.


During ICO it was at $.10 cents and today is trading around $.82 cents on Bittrex


This one is about selling Electricity basically or should I say Solar Power.

They were also, recently, given an $8 Million Dollar grant by the Australian government

I am not suggesting you buy this, but I am suggesting you go take a look and see for yourself if it's worth an investment.

Here is a link to the Powerledger Whitepaper https://powerledger.io/media/Power-Ledger-Whitepaper-v3.pdf

Always do your own Due Diligence before investing into any coin or stock.

What are your thoughts on POWR ?
Any other coins you like right now ?


I have actually been seeing their rise in value, knowing they are Australian based makes it more worthwhile for Aussies like me to check them out!
Thanks for the suggestion, I will look more into their roadmap

Very good friend.
Upvote and resteem

Your post is outstanding, I appreciate for sharing.

@jamesbarraclough May I ask you a question? How do you earn good amount of money here as i saw you transfer 300 STEEM daily to freedom? It'll be great, if you share the tips with me as I am barely getting by, no one reads my post even though I keep reading others posts and almost comment all the time (by burning midnight oil)?

I will grateful to you bro if you share your experience with me, it'll help me to do better in life and my career.

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I am so on board with them lolz you have no idea!!!!!!!!!! Powr :)

Awesome.... Well good luck to us both :)

Mahh man! I was in at 40ish something... But I feel the huge jumps still await us! Yeah cheers to that!

Wow its great to see that other people are investing in power ledger as well actually I invested here 3 days ago. It was referred to me by a good friend. :)

Yea, I am liking POWR, it seems like a good investment to me

Too many ICOs these days. Don't know which to select and which to ignore.

It is very hard, because there are so many scams out there. So you have to doo Due Diligence


Good project.
And thanks for upvote :)

i wish i knew about coins

i want to learn trading

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