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First Things First

I want to thank @fredrikaa and @howo for closing the gap between these two platforms, Steem & Wordpress. It is amazing how fast initiatives are budding from Steemit and all with the intend to help benefit the ecosystem of Steemit. I have been using their plugin ever since it came out and have been an avid supporter of this initiative. I also know of many Steemian friends who are bloggers outside of the blockchain who uses this useful plugin to crosspost their blogsite to Steem.

There are countless of communities, initiatives, and apps that are so beneficial for the Steemit platform such as @dtube, @partiko, just to name a few. And to think that Steemit is only a few years old is just amazing at how the community itself are stepping up to take lead in different projects.

@steempress created a plugin to enable bloggers from wordpress to post on Steemit seamlessly.

What is Steempress?

If you haven't heard, I urge you to go check out their Steemit blog post and read up on their news.

In a nutshell, Steempress is a plugin created by @fredrikaa and @howo for cross-platform blogging from Wordpress to Steemit. And as we all know, Steemit incentivizes content creation and many of the veteran bloggers have their own Wordpress site.

Follow them at @steempress

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Why should I use Steempress?

  1. Beneficial to the Steemit Ecosystem. Whenever there are people using these two services, it means that people are actually crossing over from Wordpress to Steemit. Especially bloggers who are not on Steemit yet and have already own a Wordpress site, this could be an ease for them to monetize their content. Hence, we will see more bloggers crossing over to Steemit.
  2. I have no clue on how to start my website. This is where an awesome Steemian, @gmuxx comes in. @gmuxx is offering an amazing service to help host your wordpress website at minimal cost. All you need to do is drop @gmuxx a DM whether on discord or a comment. For further details, you can check this post out : Help me host a wordpress site.
  3. Better Post Archives. We all know that when we have to find our older posts on Steemit, we have to scroll for ages. This is where the Wordpress site comes in handy. As Wordpress is already an established blogging platform, the widgets and the archives navigation provided will allow you to find back your older posts with ease.
  4. It can also be your personal blog. When you have set up and started posting on Wordpress, it will eventually become your personal blog as well with the addition that it will be posted on Steemit too. You get to decorate it nicely too.
  5. Support by @steempress-io. It is true that @steempress-io will upvote and support bloggers who use their plugin (upvotes wise, not every time and everyone). This will definitely help a lot of bloggers who are looking to gain higher rewards for their quality content.
Yes, there are many other benefits for using these awesome initiatives started by our very own Steemians. But for me personally, I would like to have a site that archives my posts better so that it is easier for my followers to read back at some of my animation guides that I've posted and not just disappear after 7 days.

Thank you @steempress

This is just a gratitude post for the one plugin I love using everyday!

With that, I would like to thank @steempress once again for this amazing plugin that I'm sure will benefit Steemit and many other Steemians.

And of course, I can't wait to click the publish button and see how my post would turn out to be! Here goes.... :)

Thank You

If you like what I do, check out my other posts on meetups, animation, and designs.

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Posted from my blog with SteemPress :


Yea hands up to @steempress for making one of the top Steem apps that I use. They pretty much are the reason I finally started a website of my own.

I'd recommend first timers to just jump into the deep end and get themselves a full on website for themselves, hosting and all. That feeling of owning your own space on the Internet is liberating.

Plus you get to host files on your own, I kinda feel like it's a big deal.

Here's the bitcoin whitepaper right there in my website. I think of it as my digital shrine.

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That's really awesome! I'm always excited to see apps bridging people to the Steem blockchain. Such like @partiko. Let's keep the show running

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I agree with you. @steempress has to be one of the best dapps to integrate with Steemit. If not the best.

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Agreed there, it was pretty awesome to discover a way to post from my website to the blockchain without having to manually copy and paste and this is a great plugin.

The latest patch update really made it flawless as well and it all copies over very nicely indeed now! Great job!

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