A Favour for Zeke? - LAST DAY!

I try and stick to first-rate content with completely unique humour, unbelievable urban adventure and Canadian spelling ;) From time to time, I also support causes and steem dapps where we can make a difference and the @theycallmedan poll to win 20k delegation for a year is just that.

Most likely know of the #Powerhousecreatives group amassing on STEEM as originally tagged @steemitbloggers. Maybe as just a tag or footer on my posts or recently as hundreds of people have rallied behind us when we can a close second in the 10k contest......which we don't want to happen in this 20k contest! This delegation will power the momentum of a very inclusive yet driven family looking to help create the next generation of dolphins on STEEM. This next generation is a very important wave of leadership which is going to turbo-boost the widespread/early majority adoption of STEEM. What a party that will be.

It is DAMN close!

So, if you do not have a dog in the game, please hit the link and vote for @steemitbloggers if you would as it is the Last Day.



I always try and upvote comments on my posts up above the dust level so you are rewarded for your creative engagement. Comments and upvotes are very much appreciated but your vote (and possibly a resteem?) is what the greater good of @steemitbloggers needs.


Thank you so much for supporting me for to many months and for considering #powerhousecreatives. Here is the link again.....


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I try and stick to first-rate content with completely unique humour, unbelievable urban adventure and Canadian spelling ;)

Hahahha :D


Ah nephew you may be on of the chosen few who catch the jokes as they are meant to be!

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@zekepickleman, I always vote for Actifit or Partiko, but I do appreciate your support for steemitbloggers, and it is really a great project.

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