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+++60 pounce 30 with a rainbow in his hair was going the British way when a mighty flash of thunder woke him up to find himself standing in front of the Egyptian who was practicing a natural dry evaporation technique combined with a massage boost that was making his white hair stand on end.

Taken back slightly at this but not unduly alarmed, 60 pounce 30 said: “Excuse me,” and began to push his way past, whereupon the Egyptian grabbed his arm- “If you leave us scratching our heads, then where will we be?”

Thinking about this for a moment 60 pounce 30 extricated his arm from the Egyptian and said: “We must make hay while the sun shines,” and then walked off completely, leaving the Egyptian scratching his head and wondering what he was doing there.

A muscle brawny who was pumping iron on the sidelines stayed silent and just pumped away for all he was worth.

Are we all fish, drowning to be saved then?

Do fish drown, sir?

And then the concubine pounced from out of the shadows with a most impressive speed, a bit like a jaguar really with claws out and going for the jugular vein to rip out the throat.

Oh, oh.

A small man on the edge, waved his hands up reaching to the sky for help, but began to drown instead as the waves closed over his head.

“Blub, blub, blub,” he went.

The concubine ripped to shreds any meaning of this that could possibly come out of the airwaves to gossip and say:

what do you mean: what am I talking about?

Well, there I was, and there I wasn’t and in disguise again…

Pawn takes bishop.

My dear sir.

Checkmate in three I think.+++

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Is that white snow I see Watson?
Indeed it is Holmes.
Ah, the white snow; you know Watson, the first thing I like to do every morning is wake up; that sets me up for the rest of the day.
I can hear you thinking now.
What can you hear?
Must be the cutting edge of your mind Holmes.
Can you hear if there’s anyone home?
I can’t tell yet.
Just wait awhile then, the next bus will be along soon.
That’s what I was thinking Holmes.

So, after all’s said and done, are we any closer to the truth Watson?
I don’t know yet.
And there I was thinking I was talking to someone who knew.
But you see Holmes, you’re a satellite in the haze of the moon through the clouds where I see you floating up there and throwing angel pennies in my path, and perhaps I’m not really here and it is all a dream.
Oh come now Watson, it can’t be all that bad.
It’s coffee time now Holmes.

Ah, coffee; you know, Watson, a good cup of coffee will fortify a body against all obstacles life may throw at it.
I quite agree Holmes

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I quite agree ...well said

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