A Single Seed: Having Enough


This time of isolation may understandably be starting to get to some of us. Our routines are all broken, friends & family seem more distant than ever, and the outdoors becomes like a sanctuary compared to whatever our quarantine space is. Dealing with all this is not easy, but it reminds me of a quote that rings especially true as of late:

If what you have seems insufficient to you, then though you possess the world, you will yet be miserable."

It's hard to feel like we're possessing much of anything right now with our daily lives so limited. But the things we do and used to do in the past do not make up who we are. Our thoughts, our minds, and our ability to change our mental states are the most important possessions we have. Especially in times like these, cultivating a mindset of positivity, gratitude, and hopefulness can do wonders for nearly every facet of your health, from the energy you have throughout the day to how well you sleep at night.

No matter how much money is in your bank account right now, chances are you're reading this in the comfort of your own home, and in a societal situation not much different from anyone else reading this (at least in terms of the current state of the city/location that you're currently in). Although many jobs are being lost and income is a real issue for a large number of people at this point, we still have the power to control our thoughts and cultivate positivity. With the UBI bill that will hopefully be passed within the next week or so, everyone's financial stress will hopefully be lessened, and we can focus on the mental tools that we all possess in order to get through this.

It's a cliché, but our minds really are the strongest muscle in our bodies. In times like these, it's more important than ever that we utilize the strength that we possess. By realizing what we still have, we can forget about all of the things that are temporarily gone. And even when they come back, we'll already have everything we need.

"A Single Seed" is my attempt to get out one idea every day that I've learned or accumulated over the years, with the hope that it may stick in someone else's memory bank as well. The idea may be related to fitness, business, life, or philosophy, but I think you'll find that many can change domains if you wish them to. With each seed planted, a new life awaits.

Image credit: https://www.needpix.com/photo/download/1325404/power-of-light-candle-meditation-tranquility-peace-calmness-inner

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