I AM Pro Life...

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I am pro-life... I support strong action to curb global warming so that the unborn and those yet to be conceived have a planet they can live on.

I am pro-life... I support a strong social-safety net, so that people in need can have the basic necessities of life.

I am pro-life... I support universal healthcare, so that all of us, no matter our incomes, can have the care we all need to secure our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I am pro-life... I support efforts to thwart inequality, including fair taxes on the wealthy and big businesses, and higher education as a public good.

I am pro-life... I support an end to corporate funding of politicians so that government can truly be by and for the people instead of the lucky few.

I am pro-life... I support open science so that we can all benefit and advance more quickly from discoveries.

I am pro-life... I support pregnant women and their right to choose what to do with their bodies.

I am pro-life... what about you?

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I'm definitely in sync with pretty much everything that you have listed there. Sadly, most of those things (not all...) are things that have deferred costs/benefits... and we all know that humans as a group seem to prefer to kill the golden goose and kick the can down the road. That said, some countries have a better social safety net than others... I just hope fewer countries take the path that the United States has in some of these areas... in the misguided pursuit of choice and freedom at all costs!

Pro life sounds good my friend although I am not too happy with abortions.
I believe that all life is sacred.

I fully support women who choose not to have an abortion under any circumstances for whatever reason, whether religious our otherwise. The problem comes when people try to force their views on others by preventing them to choose. There are certainly valid reasons regarding individual rights to limit abortions. This is why the viability test makes sense, at which point the mother's life must be in danger to allow an abortion. Prior to that, it makes sense to leave it to the woman. Extreme laws prohibiting abortion are having a terrible effect in some states where mothers are being charged with murder if they happen to have drugs in their system after a miscarriage. There is more on this here: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/01/opinion/alabama-pregnant-woman-shot.html?searchResultPosition=21

The end result is that extreme laws criminalize pregnancy and can lead women to avoid care at a time when they need it most. The other reality here is that some women will still seek to have an abortion, just underground (for poor women) or in another state or country for the wealthy. So these laws are also just another way to discriminate against and criminalize the poor.

As a scientist I also think it important to avoid using religious arguments to create laws. Not everyone has the same religion and a growing number, like me, have no religion at all. Given that there is evidence for any specific religion, religion is an appropriate reason for personal decisions, but not laws that apply to all. For that we must look to the constitution and science. I also find it amusing that the so-called pro-life people in the US don't really care about the mother or about babies after they are born. If they did, they would support a stronger social safety net, universal healthcare, and so on.

There are always exceptions Sir. rape cases where the abused falls pregnant or where the pregnancy endangers the life of a mother are cases in point.

Let me say this, religion is poison since it ended up in the hands of man.

But I have issues with abortion on demand. A woman sleeps around, falls pregnant and aborts, a wife finds out she is pregnant by a lover and aborts, a man falls in love with a pregnant woman and forces her to abort. A father has big dreams for his unmarried daughter and forces her to abort.

I am in total agreement that the governments lack seriously when it comes to safety networks and the support of poor young mothers.
60% of children over here have no fathers.
I myself grew up with no father and my mother is my hero as she raised her 3 children alone with no help from government.

Would I wish it upon another child? Definitely not. That's why we work with orphans.

The care of women should be a priority for any government, but sadly very few have a serious concern for the welfare of their people. Especially for the poor.

There will always be exceptions but life is a gift that should be cherished.

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With respect to healthcare in the US, we really have very little choice. My employer offers one plan for me to choose from for medical care. Dental and Vision are separate and are more like discount coupons than insurance plans. With dental we have one "insurer" but can opt to pay more to get a few more benefits, but it is still not great other than for routine exams and a filling or two. Vision has just one available plan. I am luckier than most since my employer offers some of the best coverage. That said, I dread healthcare encounters, because you never know what things are going to cost or whether you will incur outrageous surprise bills. Today my family went for routine eye exams. With the insurance it cost us over $600 (over and above we already pay for the vision insurance). That does not include glasses or contacts--those are extra. American's like to say that Canadians come here, because the waits are too long in Canada, yet we have had to wait months just go get an initial appointment with a specialist--even though we live in Houston which is home to the biggest medical center in the world. Many people here simply go without care, or ration or forgo meds because they can't afford meds and living expenses. I have older relatives, long retired, who had to go back to work part time just to pay for diabetes medications. The US is really a rather inhumane country and under Trump things are just getting worse and worse.

I'm pro life too, and becoming more so, life is life and there's nothing else like it

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