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I bet by now many of you have heard @theycallmedan offering a 10k SP delegation, which many communities on Steemit are competing, trying to win the delegation. One of them is SteemitBloggers, currently sits on 3rd rank.

SteemitBloggers which recently rebranded as PowerHouseCreatives, is an international group of quality content creators who are very Steem and Steemit minded. The members are very supportive one to another, and very engaging all around Steemit, not just among the members.

We have @janton, @brittandjosie, @abh12345, at least 3 names that you will see very active with their engagement, encouraging people to stay communicative on postings, welcoming newcomers and whatnot with the #engagementleague. We have @mariannewest, the face of #freewrite, @princessmewmew, goddess of #adsactly, and many many more creative people on SteemitBloggers - 95 of us to be exact. Not to mention, @jaynie, one of the founder of SteemitBloggers, is also the heart and soul of @theluvbug, a curation account, curating anyone, anywhere.


Hai teman, dah pada dengar mengenai pemberian delegasi sebesar 10 ribu SP? Kalau teman di @arteem, kemungkinan besar dah dengar karena aku kasih pengumumam tempo hari, namun sayang ga ada yang dari arteem mengajukan nominasi untuk dipilih :(

Ngomong-ngomong nih, kemarin tuh setelah tau bahwa arteem tidak masuk nominasi, aku ajakin teman-teman untuk memberi vote ke SteemitBloggers. Komunitas ini juga didukung oleh abh12345, pendukungnya arteem juga, beserta paulag.

Namun bukan karena itu saja alasan aku mengajak teman-teman untuk memberi vote ke SteemitBloggers. Di komunitas ini, juga ada orang-orang Indonesia lainnya. Disamping itu, meski hanya sejauh ini beranggotakan 95 orang saja, setiap orang ini merupakan orang-orang yang kreatif di dunia per-Steemit-an. Blog-blog mereka bermutu, tidak hanya dalam segi isi blog, namun juga untuk memajukan Steemit secara keseluruhan. Contohnya ada anggota SteemitBloggers yang merupakan sosok utama tagar #freewrite, tagar #adsactly, tagar #engagementleague, dimana tagar-tagar ini semuanya selalu berupaya memajukan Steemit agar tidak mati, apalagi disaat Steem dan SBD gi letoy gini.

ONLY 95 members yet we are rank 3rd so far on the competition for the 10k SP delegation? That is a superb achievement, don't you think? - most especially since we are competing with communities with much larger members.

I see this international community as more deserving (looking at the members who are seriously Steemit-minded, making Steemit more interesting and going, through their #engagementleague, #adsactly, #theluvbug, #freewrite etc) to win this delegation because they certainly will use it to better Steemit even more.

Do help us win the delegation by voting here, it'll only take less than a minute to do so :)

Saat ini SteemitBloggers menduduki peringkat ke-3 dalam upaya memenangkan 10 ribu SP ini. Kami berkompetisi melawan grup-grup yang jumlah anggotanya ribuan, yaitu grup khusus bangsa Venezuela serta grup khusus bangsa Cina. Kami butuh banget bantuan vote dari teman-teman, karena grup kami tidak terfokus hanya satu bangsa/negara, melainkan berbagai negara, jadi lebih mementingkan khalayak umum Steemit. Dan sekali lagi, di grup kami, anggotanya tuh yang memang sudah dikenal dalam terus mengupayakan agar Steemit tetap jaya, yaitu melalui #theluvbug (siapapun yang pakai tagar ini, boleh posting tentang apapun, dan bisa dikunjungi, tanpa memandang negara, topik postingan dll), #freewrite, #engegamentleague dll - DAN teman-teman Indonesian pun ada yang tergabung di grup SteemitBloggers ini)

Vote disini yah teman


Thanks for reading and hope to see your name on the list of voters, voting for SteemitBloggers :D

For those experiencing -40 C to - 50 C around USA and Canada, I feel you. Stay warm, stay healthy!

And oh, the lovely video is by the talented @zord189, the other founder of SteemitBloggers

Terus ciptakan artikel yang menarik dan gunakan tagar #nusantara, dan juga vote thekitchenfairy sebagai Steemit Witness kalian di Pada kolom yang tersedia, ketik thekitchenfairy dan klik VOTE :D

Vote Witnesses! OR

If you leave ANY link on my blog, I WILL flag you down. This is to avoid phishing and shits

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Awesome shout out, @thekitchenfairy! And thanks for the warm thoughts - that Polar Vortex has just arrived here in New Hampshire, USA. ❄️


how is the weather now, Traci?

we are still around -38 C to - 44 C here. am sick of the Winter already and its still many moons to go, til May :(

Dear this blog is so highly appreciated and thank you for the mention, and for the love of steemit i hope we will WIN


i know am slow in replying

we did not win, but more ;-)



AhhHahah better late than never

Good luck!! Engagement is key to success, as is a great post. I will go vote for the best!!!



many thanks, aunty tippy!

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Thank you for the shoutout post @thekitchenfairy!!! Let's WIN THIS!!!


anytime boss!

haha! Goddess?? That's a stretch, but thank you kindly. RESTEEMED to the moon! Let's get this show on the road!


absolutely. who doesnt know PrincessMewMew ;-)

Thank you so much for this beautiful lady!!!


my pleasure boss!

Thank you for everything you have done to support us in this!


anything I can do, of course! x

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Thank you so much for the mention!! And I hope that the Steemit bloggers will get it!!


too bad no, but still the biggest winner of them all ;-)


You got that right!!!

Hai Kakak, ketemu lagi di sini, deh! Dapat linknya dari @fionasfavourites, dan aku sih sudah voted for SteemitBloggers, semoga makin banyak yang bantu vote ya!


Than you so much for this. Much appreciated by @steemitbloggers and #PowerHouseCreatives 🤩

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