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Over the last year @jaynie, @zord189 and all the members of the @steemitbloggers have worked relentlessly at building a community that has earned a reputation worth nothing short of revere. The members of our community have poured endless passion into the shared building and supporting of one another and because of such we have grown in leaps and bounds!

With growth comes change and the time has arrived for us to evolve as a collective. It is said that one of the hardest forms of praise to attain in business is “word of mouth” and it is for this reason that I am making this announcement (and probably a few more in the month to come) - so that the people who have come to know and respect the @steemitbloggers brand and all the amazing individuals within it, can begin to make the clear association between who we stand as now and our progression moving forward. The future of “The Steemit Bloggers” is, The POWER HOUSE CREATIVES.

Not only will we have a new brand, but also a new direction with PLENTY of expansion! The Power House Creatives will literally be a one stop community for EVERYTHING social media and blogging. It’s going to be AMAZING!!! We are truly excited for the change and look forward to continuing to hold our flag high – but with a brand new look! Speaking of new looks… I would like to introduce you all to our new branding moving forward. For now, you will only see this branding floating around on “association” posts like this… but soon enough – you will be seeing it EVERYWHERE!




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Beautiful improvements @steemitbloggers. Please tell us how your 2019 will look like. Will like to collaborate with you. CHeers!


You will be sure to hear about it :) Thank you for the wonderful feedback :)

Great news. Congratulations.


Thank you :)

That is an amazing project. Thanks for sharing and help people to be active in the platform.

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Thank you for the lovely compliment :)

Looking forward to this great year and look in 2019.