ULOG #23 - It's a Dog's Life

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It's a Dog's Life


As some of you know, my wife and I live full time in our motor home. We share our space with three large dogs. Today, I'll share some photos of Ozzie the smallest of the three. He's not the youngest just the smallest. Ozzie is a chocolate Lab. He's a 6 year old rescue. We've had him since he was a 8 week old skinny puppy. Ozzie and his 5 litter mates were left off in a kill shelter in Alabama after they were born. A Lab rescue group, Labs4Rescue, saved them from the shelter and took care of them until they could be adopted.

Ozzie and his brother Cooper, a yellow Lab, were fostered by this awesome family in Mobile, Alabama. They posted videos of the puppies on Facebook and after watching them, we knew Ozzie was the one! We arranged the adoption and drove to Mobile to pick him up. We are in touch with the family who adopted Cooper and it seems that he and Ozzie have very similar personalities!


Ozzie's favorite spot in the coach is the dashboard. He loves sleeping in the sun and also it's a great spot to watch life go by.



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Really put's meaning to the phrase "It's a dogs life", finding a great spot and relaxing away time in the sun. Then come in panting looking for a cool spot and a drink of water, our four legged family really know how to live in style when they find the right home, very cute Roger.

Thank you for your comments Joan!

Aaawww it's so sweet! I love the fact that you rescued that pup and now is so big and cute! You sure have a really big heart

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Thank you for your comments!

Oh my goodness! That must get a little chaotic to have 3 big dogs in a motor home! I imagine you must make lots of stops to let your dogs run.
So happy Ozzie was rescued he looks like a fine fellow!

Sammy our oldest sleeps most of the day. Every once in a while Lola our Newfie gets a burst of energy and plays with Ozzie, That can get pretty crazy!

I could only imagine! gosh a Newfie and Ozzie playing in a motor home! Yikes!

Since all my kids are grown with their own families (plus they live about 2 hours from us) I treat my dog as my kid. SHe's with me 24/7, I treat her like a queen and she's spoiled beyond words.

Thank you for introducing us to one of your three babies.

I understand totally! Thank you for your comments!

Oozie is definitely blessed to have people like you and your wife who lovingly take care of him. 🙂

Thank you for your comments!

I dislike reading the words kill shelter :( The fact that people organized a way to save them and care for them until they get adopted shows that there is hope for humanity. And thank you for adopting!
Looks like he is living a happy and comfortable life <3

He is happy and spoiled! I agree about the kill shelters. I would adopt them all if I could.

I feel the same way :) also, you could add this tag #dogsofsteemit in there if you like. You may just be given a little bonus as it puts your post in a friendly contest. I think its worth it. Check it out if you like.

thank you for the heads up! I'll check it out!

So much love for you all 💖🙏💖

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Thank you @thereikiforest!

So cute !!! I love the photos, the light is absolutely glowing <3 <3 <3 And what a peaceful shots.... Ozzie, at their favourite spot~ Being lazy and enjoying the sun * ___ * i love this post~ aaaaaah~

Thank you for your comments!

So awesome story!
Ozzie is happy dog!

Thank you!

Ozzie looks so cute! I am seriously missing my dog.

Thank you for your comments!

He's such a sweet boy! Blessing to you all.

Thank you for your comments!

My pleasure.

Lucky Ozzie and kin! It really seems he loves sleeping in the sun ;)

I think I know that pose...

Thank you for your comments!

Ozzie is a beautiful pup! Labs are so awesome. I have a black lab who is also a rescue. He's a great dog. He loves sleeping in the sun too. lol.

I have a black lab as well. He'll be 14 in May. He sleeps most of the day. I plan on doing a post about him in a couple of days. He's pretty mellow now but he was a terror in his younger days!