Staying in Honor

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When it comes to money/cryptocurrency many people have a hard time staying in honor.

How money affects people

Some may observe dastardly deeds, such as, ruthlessness, selfishness and misguidance all because of money/ cryptocurrency.

Society is geared in many ways to bring people into dishonor when it comes to funds.

What is more important than money/cryptocurrency are the people.

All of us in Steemit are the ones giving value to cryptocurrency.

From experience I do know those who chose to stay in honor are blessed way beyond measure of funds. This post is a thank you and shout out to all those supporting @steemitbloggers (PowerHouseCreatives).

It means a lot to us that you reach out from your communities or as a single member in Steemit to show your support.

about @steemitbloggers (PowerHouseCreatives)

Our honorable members are from around the world.

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If I left your country out please put in comments.

If you or you know someone who has not voted in the current poll for the 20K delegation from @theycallmedan for one year please vote for @steemitbloggers.

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There are other reasons to vote for @steemitbloggers and I think @bengy covers it well in his post here.

@steemitbloggers is a community of poets, writers, musicians, vloggers and bloggers (led by @jaynie and @zord189) who are bound in a community of engagement and support. This is a community that requires firstly a proof of quality and commitment to STEEM (instead of using the platform as a quick cash out scheme...) to be considered for entry. After entry, there is a required amount of engagement with others in the community, with real engagement on each other's posts... not just a quick upvote and generic comment.

We are coming together to make this happen while "Staying in Honor".

Thank you for viewing ❤️
Live strong, Steem on!

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Yes, this is a great point. In the wild west of cryptocurrency, honour is something that is all too easily sacrificed for a quick buck. Short term gain at the cost of long term growth. @steemitbloggers is a bastion for long term steady growth.


Thanks for the great comment. I agree :)

How true! And a good reminder so we are not swayed!
Thanks for bringing this up!


with money you never know... it seems to cause different reactions in different folks.

What is more important than money/cryptocurrency are the people.

You got it girl!



One Man, cannot give another Man Honor.
Nor, may he take it away.
Honor, and Dishonor ... is something we do for ourselves.



agreed and well said as you are good with words. :)

This is a wonderful post; I understand somewhat, the concept of witness and etcetera. But only we "humans" have the ability for honor, or honesty if you will. Though I have been here since June of 2017, I haven't been able to be very active; as I have mentioned several times, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2016, so I'm not able to be on as much as I would like. But I do know the importance of honesty, sincerity, and a group that's able to help not only control this but show others that are willing to do the same.

Having an environment that's conducive for this honorable practice, will surely promote others to want to "be here"... share their talents, abilities, etcetera. I thank you @rebeccabe for sharing this, and also, voted towards @steemitbloggers for the Delegation Poll...

Love and light to you...



thank you for your wonderful comment and support.

Honor should be upheld in all we do. Although most people wants to gain something from everything, supporting other should be real and frequent. It's the community/people that matters

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I agree with you. Well said @ajorundon

Thanks @rebeccabe :) As you know I completely agree. Which is why we must maintain ours. @quillfire is right honor and dishonor is what we do for ourselves. One of my goals this year is to be impeccable with my word. That is the best thing we can do for ourselves and our community.

As I was told once, they crap always filters itself out. I don't know if that's true. But, actions do speak louder than words. Our actions show @steemitbloggers is impeccable to our word. We show integrity in our work, if not we wouldn't be here.



Proud of you.



awww @quillfire you're going to make me blush. (I don't hear that phrase very often)

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thanks fixed it an important name too

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Howdy there rebeccabe! great job on this post, I agree!

You got a 8.92% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @rebeccabe! :)

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