[Contest] - Win Your Content Published in 4 Book Formats...

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Attention All Content Creators

All you blog authors who have so much value in the knowledge that you are sharing with your audience.
Would you like to take some of the content that you have put your heart into writing and sharing and edit it into an eBook that can be sold, bartered or gifted?

Here's your chance to reach your goal of publishing your own eBook in the

The Done For You - Create Your Book Contest

open-book Done for you Create Your book contest 1200 x 1150.jpg

WIN - Your content from your blog or other manuscripts put into a book in 4 different formats.

  1. A Flip Book like the one created from the blogs of @NaturalMedicine Community Members - Check it out at: https://sqribble.net/viewflipbook/9811/2418
  2. An Ebook in PDF format
  3. A book formatted in mobi for Kindle Readers
  4. One in epub for most other readers

This will allow your book to be read on many different devices and all these formats will have live links in them.


Part 1 - Do a post about what you would want to see in your book, whether it's about homesteading, your travels or even a cookbook and why you chose that subject.

Realize that if you win you will have a finished published book, which gives you a product to sell on the Homesteaders Coop, a free community marketplace where vendors can sell or barter their goods for Steem, SBD or USD.

Homesteaders Coop

what is Homesteaders Coop.jpg

Part 2 In your post explain what you will do with your new published EBook.
Will you offer it for sale at the Homesteaders Coop @HomesteadersCoop http://homesteaderscoop.com
Will you use it as a lead magnet to widen your clientele base?
Or give it away and in the process breath more life into your articles - keep them alive in EBook form with live links to your other content.

Part 3
Vote for @steemitbloggers in @justcallmedan 's 20K delegation dPoll contest at: https://dpoll.xyz/detail/@theycallmedan/which-steem-project-should-i-delegate-20k-steempower-to-for-1-year/

Watch this video which talkes about how @steemitbloggers A.K.A. #powerhousecreatives would be able to contribute back to the Steem blockchain if we win the 20k sp delegation by @theycallmedan. Make no mistake, even if we do not win, @jaynie and @zord189 have always been for the Steem ecosystem. @jaynie herself has spent hours devising strategies to bring in fresh new bloggers to Steem. All these you don't see because they all happen in other social media sites.
It also shares a little how the #powerhousecreatives community work in supporting one another and what is our vision for the future. I hope that after you've watched this video, you will be able to understand a little bit more on what we actually do and our contribution to the Steem blockchain as a whole. We will not stop fighting, despite our lack of numbers, we compensate it with much determination and dedication to create and maintain a quality standard throughout Steem.

Go NOW and cast your vote before it is too late!
Vote for @steemitbloggers at: https://dpoll.xyz/detail/@theycallmedan/which-steem-project-should-i-delegate-20k-steempower-to-for-1-year/

Contest runs until payout for this post
Your entry will be that post created and the link to it put in the comments of this post.
Resteem this post to spread the word and who knows you may be the lucky winner and get your book created and published!

Thanks for stopping by!

If you enjoyed this post,
Please don’t hesitate to follow me here on Steemit - @porters


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While we are in a town shutdown from snow again, I've been thinking and working up some ideas for this.... you guys have snow in the north? 20190225_101123 (2).jpg


Yes we have snow and far from melting temperatures.
Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
JJ looking out sun room window with lots of snow on bird feeder bushes and icicles.JPG

Bruno framed by snowy arches.JPG


My cat keeps looking at me, like, why did you make it like this outdoors? He runs away every time I open the door lol! So peaceful your furry friends....


Lots of snow here as well! We haven't had the towns shut down but many of the highways were closed. This year was a record for the amount of closed highways. I forget the number, but this winter... we expect flooding for when it all melts :(

This is awesome! I wish I had something already written up for this contest.

It would take me too long to come up with something for it now.

Resteeming this as I know some would love to have this awesome opportunity.


@foxyspirit you do not have to have all your content together now.
Just write a post about what content of yours you would want to see in book format and why.
Also what you would do with it once you have your own book published.
You have 7 days to enter the contest and if you are chosen as the winner you have all the time you need to gather your material together.
I'd love to hear what of your content, you would want to see in a book.
I know lots of @steemitbloggers have some wonderful content and it would be super to give it some new life!


Awesome, I will see if I can hop to it :)

That is awesome work for @steemitbloggers, such a cool contest.
Resteemed :-)

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This is such an awesome prize! I am so impressed by the @homesteaderscoop and all of the people involved! There are a lot of people with some great knowledge to spread, so I'm sure you'll get some excellent entries!


I hope so, for I'd love to breath some more life into that content!

Beautiful initiative!

Some information is missing, I think. Like deadline and genre limitations.

May good books be born!


I did put, at the end of the post, that the contest ends when the post pays out in 7 days, so that would be March 5
Genres do not matter as long as it's not a huge manuscript!
I do so hope that some folks with some wonderful content enter so

good books be born!

Hi @porters I am very interested in following up with this wonderful opportunity but wondered if I qualify to enter. I have had a book (a hard copy) published and never got around to getting it done as an ebook. It is something I have always wanted to achieve.

It is not about homesteading but it is an inspirational biography about a man of faith who survived shipwreck during WW11 and many other difficulties during his upbringing as a young coal miner in Wales. I'm assuming you are looking for stories that have not already been published? Is that correct?


Oh @trudeehunter I'd love to help you turn that book into an EBook!
Do you have a copy of the manuscript in digital form? and if so what format?
No it does not matter if it has been published before, only that you have the content in a digital form, a Word Doc is best for me to work with.
Consider yourself entered!


Oh.....that is very kind of you @porters to enter me into this contest as I was getting concerned about the time factor to prepare a post. It would be a dream come true for me to see this biography as an ebook.

The publishers gave me the disc they used to publish the book but I'd prefer to do some editing before re-printing in any format. It has a number of black and white photos in it which I originally planned to include in an ebook but I understand that adds to the expense. The book contains 265 pages.

Thanks so much for providing an opportunity to participate in this contest. It is greatly appreciated. 💐


I'm very interested in reading your book and am happy to help get it into the different ebook formats for you. Black and white photos don't add to the cost of the ebooks but they would add to the cost of the printed books.
Good luck to you!


Awesome! The disc I have is in pdf format but I don't know how to convert it into a Word doc so that I can edit it but I will make some inquiries to see how to go about it.

There's not a lot of editing to do but I am happy to send it to you via email. Can I contact you through the Homesteading Discord channel?


I have now converted it to “word” and will start editing very soon.


Yes contact me via homesteader's discord or direct message me on discord.
Glad you got it open in a word doc.


Yes.....thank you @porters I was very happy to get it downloaded and am working on the editing. As much as I'd like to contact you in discord I have had hang ups with it from Day 1 and I cannot work it out. I have some questions for you though and wondered if you were able to contact me via my facebook messenger and we can take it from there?

Have a fabulous weekend. 💐

There is great value in this contest prize @porters! Thank you for making these layout services available to talented writers


You're welcome and I hope some talented writers take me up on this.

Wow, an amazing contest indeed, good luck to all who will participate!

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