20k SP Delegation | PowerHouseCreatives (@steemitbloggers) in collaboration with @steemxp (Video Inside)

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A collaboration with @steemxp

@steemxp is founded by @danieldoughty about a year back with the support of @teammalaysia led by @bitrocker2020. These are some of the leaders that are actively building the Steem blockchain be it organizing events to draw in more bloggers into Steem, having masterclasses on content creating and the likes. Right now, @steemxp is actively having at least one meetup among Steemians in the East Malaysia region.

I shot out a DM to @danieldoughty about a day ago to ask for his support in rallying the @steemxp community to help us, @steemitbloggers AKA #powerhousecreatives in our fight for the 20k SP delegation by @theycallmedan. Within a few hours, he replied and has offered immediately to setup a zoom video call starring me as a guest to promote our community, #powerhousecreatives. I was touched that his selfless act in taking his own time (because I know that he is very busy), to actually spend about an hour JUST for our community and he expected NOTHING in return.

The video meetup is about 24 minutes long and in it, I talked about how #powerhousecreatives would be able to contribute back to the Steem blockchain if we win the 20k sp delegation by @theycallmedan. Make no mistake, even if we do not win, @jaynie and I have always been for the Steem ecosystem. @jaynie herself has spent hours devising strategies to bring in fresh new bloggers to Steem. All these you don't see because they all happen in other social media sites.

We also talked about the contest journey from 10k sp delegation and how @votovzla won the delegation support until the 20k sp delegation and how much we actually need it now. I believe @votovzla also deserves that 10k sp delegation because it needs all the support they can get to support the #venezuelan community and also because of its financial crisis, most of them have come over to Steem to actually make a living.

There are more being shared in the video. I've also shared a little how the #powerhousecreatives community work in supporting one another and what is our vision for the future. I hope that after you've watched this video, you will be able to understand a little bit more on what we actually do and our contribution to the Steem blockchain as a whole. We will not stop fighting, despite our lack of numbers, we compensate it with much determination and dedication to create and maintain a quality standard throughout Steem.

I want to say THANK YOU once again to @danieldoughty for being so kind and supportive in helping our community.

Full Video Recording

Please support us with a vote on dpoll

How to vote?

1. Click the below link.

2. Login to steemconnect (PLEASE DO THIS FIRST)

3. Select 'steemitbloggers'

4. And you click vote!!

Vote here: https://dpoll.xyz/detail/@theycallmedan/which-steem-project-should-i-delegate-20k-steempower-to-for-1-year/

Communities that have graciously given their full support this round

@freewritehouse by @mariannewest

@steemxp by @danieldoughty

@steemartist lead by @veryspider

Thank you

Your decision means the world to us and we will definitely continue to build the Steem blockchain together, regardless whether we win this contest or not. We've even made a community video to show you how dedicated and enthusiastic we are!!

For those of you that may still be unfamiliar with who we are...
let me introduce you to our amazing little family!

The @steemitbloggers (#powerhousecreatives) may be a small community but what we lack in numbers, we make up for with our levels of enthusiasm and passion for what we do here on Steemit. Our members are dedicated to this platform and the growth of the people on it. We have spent the last year plowing our energies into uplifting and embracing individuals from all over the world, helping them to truly establish themselves as members of this platform and as bloggers, vloggers and the like. We have members from over 24 countries! Over and above being a part of the @steemitbloggers - 99% of our members are key players in some of the most proactive and supportive initiatives on Steemit. Our support as a collective spreads far and wide across this platform and is not in any way restricted by just this blockchain. YES, we spread word about Steem on other socialites such as twitter, facebook and instagram as well. We truly are a POWERHOUSE hosting some of the most valuable individuals and finest content creators on Steemit.

If you think that you want something in return for supporting us, then you can take a look at this post where I'm giving out FREE PERSONALIZED STEEMIT SIGNATURES here.

Thank You

If you like what I do, check out my other posts on meetups, animation, and designs.

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You guys deserved it. Will rally up more members to get them to support. My sincere best wishes guys. Big hugs.

Thank you for your support of our group! 🤗

Thank you SO MUCH! Every little bit counts, especially since we lot footing on the first place position! So we are going to have to work extra hard to regain that... which is why this means so much to us... again a thousand thank yous!!! xxx

Nice to see you mentioning the @votovzla people actually needing that 10k last time..that's why I didn't feel that bad about us not getting it..but I hope we take it this time :) thx for the support @steemxp!

Yeaps, @votovzla needs it more. I hope they can support us this time :P

We must ask @quillfire to ask his Venezuelan pal, Henrri to lend a hand.

Hmmm that'd actually be nice from them :D

Great interview @zord189. Great explanation of how the group works and what this means for the #powerhousecreatives. We can learn a couple of things - like mentoring newbies. Thank you @danieldoughty and @steemxp

Thanks, I missed a lot of points, I hope I did well enough to bring the message across.

I think so. Remember that when we are "in it" we understand in detail. To get a sense of it, new folk don't need that much detail. The key points you made: other apps on the block chain; manual curation; mutual support of members of the group and the benefits that brings; that while we are a closed group, we are "open" to new members who need to play by the rules and then how the delegation will impact on members (and potentially associate communities) of the group. You handled the questions well. Good on you!

Oh, and I am so with you and @matkodurko on the venezuela issue

Lovely to hear your description of @steemitbloggers #powerhousecreatives
What a wonderful community and it's wonderful to have this new connection with @steemxp
Thanks @zord189 @danieldoughty !

It sure is!!! :) Very exciting!!

Let us all rally and get this delegation!!


It is so fantastic to see such awesome collaborations forming through this! Thank you @steemxp!!! Your support is invaluable!!!

This is how Steem should be :)

This is an excellent video, you look good on TV @zord189 👏

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Hahah thanks! That's a first but thanks! :D

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