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I used to play the saxophone in a band that played at a restaurant in Cape Town called Pages in time. We also did weddings and the usual haunts. but the memories I have of those days have always brought great joy to my soul, had fun and loved doing it. It was not full time, rather just for pleasure.

I had bought a saxophone in 1992 that someone had told me about. The young girl selling it said she was not interested in playing it, and that it was given to her by her grandfather who lived in the UK. She gave it to me to have it checked out, I took it to the Green Dolphin at the water front in cape town, a top jazz restaurant, the guy took one look and insisted that I should definitely buy it.

I went straight back to the seller and handed over the asking price of R2000.00 I had worked really hard to save up for it so it was my last cash I had and as a student it was tough to do.

The following Monday I took in in to Paul Bothner music shop to have it appraised, and to my delight the guy looked at it with eyes wide open, and confirmed that I had indeed managed to get my hands on a really rare piece. It was a Selma of which there were only 4 made in the world, and I had one, and it was priceless.

I had since moved several times and on returning from the UK after studying and working there for 6 years, I came home and hung the Saxophone on my wall, as I had stopped playing completely.

My young little Niece Kim, had constantly been asking me to let her play it. So one day in 2014 I decided it may be a good idea to pass it on. So I took it off the wall had it cleaned and gave it to her with specific instruction for her to follow, the day she came to fetch it was a sad one for me, but gave me great joy to see the enthusiasm in her eyes and the huge smile on her face, We signed the instructions and then went to the mall together to have it laminated.

She has since become a really talented sax player and is part of the school band and also has a tiny Jazz ensemble made of her and a few other musician school buddies. This has by far been the best thing I could have done to breathe new life into my old saxophone. May it live on forever.

Love her to bits, she is an extremely talented young girl with a bright future and I am so proud of her.

Bless her little Soul.


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