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How good has Durban been?

Pretty wet, well kinda like washed out a couple of times in the year 2019. A mild earthquake to shake us up, some twisters inland a couple of flood disasters, but we are still here.

Clouds Rain December 2019

Considering Mother Nature had her say, the country is still trapped by effects of State Capture, bribery, corruption. Power outages raised it's ugly head again, never a dull moment!

Life during 2019 was about sharing more positive moments, interesting places or things of interest to divert body and mind away from the negative encounters of every day living.


Started the year off quietly during hot humid months of January and February, actually a slow start still coming to terms with life without my oldest brother. Planned beach or park walks kept my sanity on track, for that I can thank the dog that adopted me, realization is years slip by quickly.

Butterflies Spring September 2019

Finding direction; Bitcoin in the doldrums, crypto not much better early 2019, many lost interest started leaving.With my own head still reeling from aftershock where I had attempted to help build and support disintegrate before ones eyes, simply saying people do let you down and not technology, scam artists taking what was rightfully not theirs leaving a trail of despair. (Now eternally grateful I stuck to my decision since 2016 of never handling anyone's investments, give advice or assistance when approached, each individual must learn to work with the system.)

Found myself in a quandary, I still I firmly believe in blockchain, did hang onto investments, carried on trading in new coins/tokens arriving (research), also thought about how crypto is taking a little longer for mainstream to catch up. Progress appears to have slowed from earlier years, not at all, it must be my imagination, people were excited, took some risks, questions that did not have answers I decided to continue on a more subdued path through this year, catch my breath!

Ants building 3 to 4 cm high nests above ground - Rainy season November 2019. Keep Building

Caught my breath, cleaned out cupboards gave excess to charities who were in desperate need of clothing, blankets, crockery, cutlery after flooding. Yikes it is amazing when you start looking, we horde... new policy came into being in 2019, not used in over a year it must go to someone who will appreciate it. Back to crypto....

Restore, Rebuild, Rinse, Repeat - Nature Teaches Patience

Locally our fiat currency does bounce daily, politics is not much better, reasoning with people about crypto is still not a reckoning, considering most do not wish to learn due to being from baby boom generation, or of an age where they not able to afford data to remain online developing themselves.

We live in a time when people are wildly flailing around, not sure of which direction to take, no matter how often you point out there is no such thing as quick money, 2019 continued to quietly guide my unsettled mind, keep in touch with blockchain technology, a strong possibility of very exciting times ahead.


Period of reflection, accepting an invitation to @qurator in 2017 was the start of learning about communities on blockchain, ongoing friendly rivalry, broadening our horizons Blockchain Communities .


Shongololo - Rains February 2019

Each member strives to make Steem blockchain a place to voice our opinions fairly, share knowledge, or become known in skills we possess, life still works on bartering, give and take, we think much has changed, not so little has changed, only the tools we use.

Main impact is camaraderie within communities, some I have been with since they appeared @steembasicincome - @kryptonia - @steemitbloggers - @teamsouthafrica who since moved to @steemsouthafrica toward the end of 2019. Communities help like-minded people grow together toward a common goal.

Great indicator, stability on Steem Platforms holding ground through Hardfork and other events during this year, communities I had joined kept moving us forward through the times when crypto is falling.

Contrary to twists and turns during the year, reaching the last week it has been good to interact, listen, learn, reflect, find direction. Reaching the end of year feeling positive, settled.

Conclusion; One can never change what has happened, it is what we do with the lesson learned. There are too many individuals within communities to thank for support, direction, chats, I will not list them for fear of leaving someone off, you know who you are so thank you for making 2019 a year to remember!


Thought for Today: "Don't let your past dictate your future." ~ African Proverb

All photography is my own, simply resized to load easier, research and writing is my own.

Communities I Support: #qurator #steemitbloggers #steemsa#steemitbasicincome


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Great balance. Very inspiring. I loved the pictures, especially the ants nest

Not exactly a year we got over excited about much, more like sitting dumbfounded at the happenings around.

Ants reminded me of how people are desperately trying to rebuild or build from the ground up in these trying times.

A very concise summary of a year in the doldrums Lady Joan.
And sadly crypto is so volatile that history cannot predict the future, very similar to human life. The modern saying of; "We make our plans and the life happens" have a familiar ring to it.
Let's hope and pray that 2020 will follow a different trend, but in the meantime hope is all that we have.
Such is life!

Crazy up's and down's are created by greed, pumping and dumping for those who run six figures make more, one really has to learn to keep an eye on markets to get a feel of what is happening. When USD goes down historically investors dive into gold, silver now bitcoin entered into those assets.

Prior when it was just bitcoin and ethereum things went along fine, then they started introducing bitcoin cash, bitcoin gold, bitcoin futures the markets started going bottom-up. Sadly too many tokens will produce the same side effects.

Hahaha, so it's not only the side effects of my handful of tablets every day Lady Joan. Now the surfeit of tokens also threaten my health Hahaha.

Pick your poison I say...

Btw. Is this contest still open?

No closed 18h00 yesterday SA time.

Thank you and just made it before Zord marked the posts!

Normally @zord189 gives a little lee-way, always awesome in contests for us slow coaches....

Yeah, he seems to be a good guy my friend!
Slow coach is the indeed a great description and thankfully I rarely enter challenges and competitions.

Hey! You have more than 3 photos! :) Haha, they are all beautifully taken photos, but the ant hill one is one I wouldn't want to get too close to. It's a great entry for the contest!

Modern life appears rules are made to be broken LOL, had to use ants as descriptive detail as to how the earth is at the moment, over-populated just trying to make ends meet. Thanks for visiting!

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