To the MOFO who robbed my moms Steem wallet... SCREW YOU!!!

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Yes, SCREW YOU!! People like you deserve the wrath of karma that will eventually make its way to you!

I am beyond peeved!!!

Despite all the ups and downs of this platform my mom @lizziesworld, much like me - has remained loyal for the two years that she has been here. At the age of 70, every day, she diligently writes and shares her gardening knowledge and tips with her followers and the rest of Steem and she did not deserve this!

This morning I received a message of panic from her, only to discover that not only had she been robbed of 120 Steem and 40 SBD - which was literally her ENTIRE WALLET, the fncking scum bag even had the bloody nerve to start a powerdown... you know, rob her slowly as a cherry on the cake!


Naturally, the very first thing I did was change her password and cancel the powerdown, and will now make contact with @steemcleaners - but there is nothing I can do to "undo" the way she must be feeling right now! If there is one way to make a person lose faith, it is to rob them of the rewards afforded through their efforts. I know this may not be worth a lot to some, but it was TWO YEARS of saving and was EVERYTHING to my mom!

I have DRUMMED it into my moms head from the start that she is not to click on links in comments etc. and whilst we cannot state anything as "matter of fact", what we do know - is that the only thing "out of the ordinary" that she has done of late was to click on a link in her wallet memos...

I wish I could offer some kind of "quick fix" for her, but we all know the likelihood of that... but I CAN however, try my best to appeal to those around me to help generate and replace at least a little bit of what was robbed... so,

All the earnings from this post will be given to my mom. If you are willing and/able to help me do this in whatever way you can, even if it is just a resteem... I would be eternally grateful and I know that it would help to ease the blow for my mom too...


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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I will give her some upvotes. She has some cool post.

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Thank you so much! I appreciate that very much and yes, she does!!! :)

@jaynie & @lizziesworld,

There's always someone, isn't there?

Someone who targets the old and the young, the weak and the meek. Degenerates lacking the moral fortitude to fight for anything larger than themselves. They are the cockroaches of our species, scurrying about in dark corners and stealing with guile what others have earned with gravitas and grit.

No behavior is too low, no undertaking too abominable. "Honor" is not only a foreign concept, the word, and the ideal it is meant to invoke, is one they hold in contempt.

To quote a great poet (me):

One man cannot give another man honor. Nor, may another man take it away, Honor, and dishonor, is something we do for ourselves.

Lizzie, the loss of your money, the meager result of two years of effort, is regrettable. But it is an amount sufficiently small to be written off as ... tuition. The far greater thing that risks being taken from you is the ability of one human being to believe in the goodness of another.

Take a look at the comments on this post. Look at the number of people willing to forfeit a piece of their own meager earnings so as to symbolically share in your misfortune. The trick in life is not "learning lessons." The trick is not learning the wrong ones.

Following this comment, I am going to compose a post: A Poetic Curse, for the cockroach who stole your purse. Curses are like engines ... they need gas to run. So, I will ask readers to fill up the tank with upvotes and donations. I suspect the Power House Creatives (lead by your indefatigable daughter who possesses as much soldier in her soul as do I) will ensure the post's wide distribution. Hopefully, we'll be able to get you back to where you started.


You live and breathe?

Posted using Partiko Android That Quillington? 😮

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Resteemed, also sent your mum 10 steem to help out! It's a little, but it all matters. :)

It ALL counts and thank you!!!!

All good and I understand it as a mate of mine lost some stuff last year, when he was on Steemit.

yeah it really blows!

I have some sbi you can give to her, will send it to you

Really appreciate that @wales, thank you xx And I see it did arrive.

I stop by her posts almost daily (because she has such a great green thumb) and I love her gardening posts.... and this!!!

Just terrible!
People spend more of their time trying to steal from others, manipulate and be hoodlums than they do trying to actually earn a living!

Yip... got to love the human race :/

That is horrible! What a lowlife to do something like this to anyone. My vote isn't worth much but I have resteemed as well <3

It is indeed! and thank you for the help x

@Jaynie and @Lizziesworld... I'm sorry to hear this. That kind of behavior is disgusting, to say the least. The only good thing I can do is to give her a 100% upvote and I sent her 10 SBI. I know it won't cover much, but, I hope it helps a little.

My heart goes out to her. A lot of work was put into those rewards. That is hard earned cash. And to be blindly robbed. Well, unnerving.

PS... Make sure that she is logging out after she is done.


You are such a gem @dswigle MWAH!!!!! Lots of love!


I sent 10SBI to @lizziesworld to help with future post payouts for the long run.

Use the savings account if you need quicker access to funds with a 3 day security period or just power it all up. I'm sure you've already taken safety measures now

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Thank you boot boy! MWAH! This horrible experience has actually shown a very positive turn for my mom in the long run and hopefully, more people will also take the time to read what she writes... because she is not connected to any discord servers.

And I'll be sure to comment more on her posts seeing as I don't get online harassment from that part of your family 😛

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HAHAHAHAHHAA!!!!! - I will have to train my mom lol

No, no you will do no such thing 😁

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Advice to only use where posting key is use and keep the active key secure.

Use the active key if you want to withdrawal.

In this way, you minimize risk of losing your hard earned steem.

Send my regards to your mom. Not all steemian are bad, just a few rotten tomatoes.

Unfortunate about those rotten tomatoes... and as for the password, she was using her posting key... so not sure what happened :(

The bad actor got the active key that’s for sure.

Bad experience happens to all of us and As children helping to bring up her mood.

Cheers to you.

many thanks

I read what you're writing, but how come these past few days, with this keychain and steemconnect in one form is seems to be confusing where it get to a point that it literally ask you to put in a posting and then says it's incorrect that you need to put in your active key. It appears like your posting and active keys are being gathered, just saying cause it's what been happening this past few days, but before it wasn't like that.

saw this post on @pypt #pypt

and sending your mom some Steem!

Thanks for engaging with posts presented on PYPT

This is the Blockchain. Everything is recorded ... so I am pretty sure they can find the criminal and exact justice.

I certainly hope so!

Some people! I'm sorry you're both dealing with this ... you're a good daughter @jaynie :)

Terrible news @jaynie but we will contribute all a bit so that she will soon forget this bad experience and get back to her routine. Screw that asshole and all of his kind

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Thank you!!!

That truly sucks.

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True Story! :/

So sorry for your mum. Didn't know that this is possible without owners key.You have 100% upvote from me. Regards @cezary-io

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Cant stand dishonesty!!! Bloody scums of the earth are a cancer to this put in the effort(that could easily be used in a good manner) to take what is not theirs.
I too hope they find many a difficulty in their life!


Thank you @towjam! And yes, I hope they trip and fall on a really tiny pavement... or stand on a piece of lego lol

I knew there had to be a gif for that... 🤣

To the hackers...



I can't even... your poor mom.

Haven't done this in a while, so not sure if it's going to work properly, but I've bought a vote for this post and your mother's latest, from SmartSteem. I'm hoping it will help get more attention on both.

I'm also sending a little bit of Steem to her wallet - I wish it were more, but hopefully all the little bits of support combined from the Steem community and the #PowerHouseCreatives family will help ease the sting.

Fingers crossed this gets sorted as quickly as possible.

Thank you love xxxx You have all been SO amazing!!!

I'm so sorry this happened to your mamma @jaynie 🙏

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yeah - NOT cool! :(

Like my sister In-law in her first account she was hacked by users. Why they are doing like that. And all her earnings are withdraw transfer to his account I forgot the user but he really a bad person.

I hope we can find out who this piece of trash is!

Yes! we I well help you to find that bastard..

Thank you!

@jaynie and @lizziesworld

I am so sorry that this has happened. I know how it feels: such an invasion and one feels so helpless. And any sensibility one might have had, flies out of the window.

I remember how I was supported by wonderful people like @zord189, @simplymike, and @guiltyparties when I was hacked and needed to recover my account.

This kind of conduct is unfathomable. I am always left asking, "Why?"

Upvoted (100%) and resteemed. Let me know if there's anything else...happy to chip in....

MWAH!!! Thank you!

I'm very sorry to hear that... but how could they get in? Your mom must have logged in at that link, afterwards, no? Just clicking a link doesn't give the hacker access to the Active Key, does it?

I'd like to understand how it happened so I learn what to avoid...

I would love to understand too! I can only assume that it must have had something to do with that memo link, yes. Unfortunately, being of the older generation, and doing her best... she is not quite as tech savvy as the rest of us... :(

I feel terrible for your mom, sorry some people suck! This is a reminder to me though that I should probably move my liquid steem into a safer place rather than leaving it open in my steem wallet. :0(

Some people really DO suck!!!! Yeah it was a good reminder for me too... to start making use of the savings in my wallet too.

I feel bad for that, but I know justice will always prevail l.

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I hope you are right! And thank you!

I hope that the responsible of this end out of Steem. These kind of behaviours should be erased from this blockchain, I bet though that people will support this post gladly.

They certainly have already - just another reason why I love the Steem community! thank you!

UGH! :-( Assholes.

And that's putting it politely.... I had to restrain the four letter words on this one.... grrrrrrr

Yes - these people deserve four letter words :-( endless supply....

That’s awful!!
I will swing by her posts for a bit.

thank you sweetie xxx

The little I can do

I am sorry to hear that. This is so awful. I did not know your mom, but I will help with what I can.

Puah what an asshole. Sorry about that :/

yeah indeed! My mom is devastated :(

I imagine. I had a brush with a scammer in my early days on Steem and I remember I was terrified :(

It's a horrible feeling and even worse when you lose everything!

It's a horrible
Feeling and even worse when
You lose everything!

                 - jaynie

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

This is why staying powered up is always the safest bet!

I will do all and I will send you a dm too 🧐

🎁 Hi @jaynie! You have received 0.1 SBD tip from @dswigle!

@dswigle wrote lately about: Give In To Kindness Feel free to follow @dswigle if you like it :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide :)

This certainly represents the lowest of humanity; on the positive side, however, there are more good people in the world than bad (I really do believe that) and as the replies and reactions from your post show, community is stronger than assholes when acting as a cohesive unit. I know it's small consolation, but we can at least take some solace from that.

I've got a little steem that I can send your way. Hope it goes at least some way to helping make things better.

there are more good people in the world than bad (I really do believe that)

I concur!!No need re. the steem. So many people have come forward already! Thank you xxxx MWAH!

I'll try to go upvote her posts to help her recover. I just signed up for Jerry Banfield's email newsletters and got a nice upvote from him - that might help her recover too. @jerrybanfield. Should we all be changing our passwords regularly? I'm like your mom - I have little idea what I would do if this were to happen to me. I'm sorry she and you are going through this.

Thank you @owasco she will really appreciate your support xxx

That is terrible. People like that make Steem not so much fun...

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Thank you @hans001 xxxx

Well you have a 20steem upvote by @tipu from me to help making this post trending. I hope others will do the same too. Don't click on links no nothing. Okok YouTube something like that but others no.

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This is terrible. Nothing is sacred anymore. U & R your post. I will send her 10 steem.

Motherfuckers always trying to fuck around. Don't worry, those kind of people end up getting what they deserve, eventually.

oh yes they will!

People suck.

upvoted and resteemed

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#Truestory! and thank you xxx

Mean people suck. I am so sorry.

I have said to myself before that I should either power up my steem or take it out. I have not lately been doing this. This is a harsh reminder.

I understand your mother's upset and despair when she discovered that there are such people among us. Sorry! Besides my small vote, I will try to do something more ...

This is really a sad news to hear.

sorry but only few amount my full upvote, but I resteemed it.

I don't understand people, other people working hard while others doing nothing. What's worst is that they never choose who to victimised. The money or earnings might be earn back but the emotions of being robbed is not. They just wasted their skill in doing stupid thing's.

I feel sorry to your mom, but I'm sorry this is only I can do.

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Thank you so very much!

Yeah, I have stopped trying to understand minds that do things like this - especially to those who have so little to begin with!!!!!

This is a shit thing to happen. I've read your mum's blogs and they're insightful and full of knowledge, pass on my sympathies to her.

100% upvote from me + resteem.

As to the thieving asshole who did this, scumbags like that usually have pretty empty lives but that doesn't help the people they rob 🤬

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It's something that unleashes the anger and anger of anyone, all the work done so that another idiot comes to steal it, this type of people deserve the worst of punishments, I still find it hard to understand why there are such people, why not earn the money the best way. You have my vote that is worth practically nothing, and a resteem for many more people to see it and especially to be attentive to what happens.

That's just horrible.

On the plus side it shows the benefits of layered security if yer powered up and keep an eye on your account!

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Twats. The only good that comes of this is proving once again how giving and wonderful the community is when one of our own needs a boost!

You got a 50.00% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of @abitcoinskeptic!

Hope our upvote will help your mother recover a little bit from this bad experience

Hope we can be a little bit of help ;)

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Was it the steembeem one you suspect?

That's really horrible, what lowlifes would do such a thing to a sweet person like your mom :(

I'll send her what I can later today, to help out <3 And here's 100% upvote from me also <3

I am terribly sorry about what happened to @lizziesworld. It can happen to any of us (I have known already way too many cases here), but it shouldn't.
It is hard for me to believe that the brilliant minds that brought us the blockchain with all its complexity cannot find more effective ways to protect us. (I know all what has been said about measures every one of us must take to prevent ID theft, but, we also know that even taking measures it does happen)
There got to be a way to at least track the mf who did it and recover what was stolen.

Resteemed. Give 'em hell, Jaynie. Rat bastards.

Sorry about that @jaynie. Hope she will be alright soon. Hugs

So sorry to hear that about your mom wallet and funds being stolen!
It's a good warning to us all!
Upvoted Resteemed and sent 5 STEEM to your mom's account

It's really a bad news. I don't have much vote value, but upvoted and resteemed.
Hope she will soon get back to use steem again!

My vote isn't worth much but I upvoted this and your mom's posts! Sorry that this sucky thing happened

This is crazy. So sorry something like this happened to her or anyone in your family.

One would think that a verification could be sent in the event of a power-down but most of all on a transfer. With all of the different keychains now, something is bound to be screwy. I don't have much liquid, I have 5 Steem to send to her.

There is some wack ass energy floating around. I got caught twice and hand to pull out of people's lives.

Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Maybe we find them and ... well, I was going to get really morbid, but I spare you the details.

Really sorry. There really needs to be a sanctioned way to reverse such theft, especially since it is all recorded.

Proud member of #powerhousecreatives

Oh I am sorry to hear that your mom has been robbed.

Hugs 💕

That thief - whoever he is - will get his just deserts!! 😡

I do not know how it works but do feel alarmed now. I will have a look at your mom. 💕

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With your support, @jaynie, and all you can rout to help her she will quickly recover the loss. It's like a week in the garden without water. The garden itself is still there, and so are the roots, and seeds, and bulbs or whatever they call those ;) Hugs to you and just keep on!

So sorry to hear this, it must be so upsetting for her!! I don't have much but will support her with whatever I have.

So sorry to hear this. I know how awful it is when this happens.
I wasn't aware this was still going on. I guess it's time to dust off the posts I made last year after it happened to me and warn people...

For the sake of the warning post I'll be putting up: Any idea how this could have happened? I mean... without your private active key or master password, they can't get into your wallet. Was she using Steem Keychain? Was she asked to log in using her private key through Seem Connect?

In the past 2 days lots of people have been robbed... huge amounts had been stolen this week... I just hope that bastard burns in hell! Sending a hug to your mom!

Some shitty shit. 100 % ain't much, but there will be some following. Saw this on PYPT. Hope your mom stays despite the bullshit.

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I am so sorry this happened to her - I am so scared of this because we do not get a lot so every cent counts and then this. It is like somebody used my game account in one or other way and racked up R5000 of debt. I do not understand do you sleep at night? So if it get stolen it is gone? No way to get it back?

yeah the human race never ceases to make me shake my head in despair. Well, apparently we should be able to trace it, so am looking into that right now.

Unbelievable, I am so sorry for your mom! I hope you are able to find out who the horrible person was!!!

thank you xxx and yes, I certainly hope so too!!!

That is terrible. 😠 I am so sorry this happened to your sweet mother.

When you contact @steemcleaners, perhaps ask them if there is a way they can look at the IP address of the user who accessed the account and made the transfer to Blocktrades. If so, they might be able to do a query of what other accounts have used that same IP address to access the blockchain and track-down who did it. It can't hurt to ask.

So sad. I’m sorry to hear it! Hopefully she can rebuild, bigger, stronger and more secure!

Terrible people! Will be good! Dont worry.

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Such a pathetic move by robbing a member of the community.
If we don't leave this evil at outside of this blockchain how do we expect us to be successful here?

Let us please be the change we want to see in the world and it begins with stop stealing!

I just transferred 10 STEEM to @lizziesworld in showing my support.

Stay strong and don't give up please.

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Well, as much as it sucks, less than $100 isn’t that high of a price for the invaluable lessons in the experience.

At the end of the day, the focus is best brought back to the key principle: personal responsibility for security in this game.

Of course, that may be harder for someone 70 years old to come to terms with, though despite one’s age, none of us can remain blind to the fact that there are lots of scammers lurking in these waters, and the utmost diligence is required in attending to the details of who we trust with our passwords.

The greatest wisdom upgrades always come through the negative experiences. They may hurt, but that’s the School Of Hard Knocks sometimes.

And certainly, she’ll now be in a position to pass on some of her learnings - potentially saving someone else from similar experiences...


somedays ago a motherfucker try to steal mine's too, they grab the Venezuela situation and then they use that yo get some $$ from venezuelan users that need that money to SURVIVE.

karma will happen, don't be worried, do your mother happy again <3.

somedays ago a motherfucker try to steal mine's too, they grab the Venezuela situation and then they use that yo get some $$ from venezuelan users that need that money to SURVIVE.

karma will happen, don't be worried, do your mother happy again <3.

This is the part of the ecosystem that I hate. We are always drilling into my parents - online safety. Don't click on links. They are constantly getting barraged with texts, phone calls, emails trying to philsh them out of their money.

It's maddening. Especially when it is successful. Sent your mom some Steem. @lizziesworld wishing you all the best.

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@jaynie A bit late I know, but just got back now from Struisbaai.
Here's our little bit and please tell your mom that she is in our prayers.

sorry to hear that from your mom friend..that was a lot of works to earn that steem..all i can help is to resteem i upvoted also but it cost like nothing..

God Bless!

This is bullsh*t so sorry this happened to your Mom. It does not help me want to keep going on in here.
@jaynie you are a good daughter to help her. There is enough struggle in here.. I will go follow her and resteem this to warn others.

I resteem your post this the best thing I did because i have nothing

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Be careful next time, make a post after it has been settled.

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Ugg. So shitty. I sent some SBD love to soften the blow.
On a side note. If the link or specific culprit is discovered. It would be useful to hear the exact ways that this happened so others can learn from the mishap.

A hug to your mom for having had this happen to her. Lucky she has you and other good people in this community who are there to help her.

Also, ten hard 'thwacks' with the shame stick to that jerk of a thief.

Well said jaynie and we're all with you and your mom, God bless her!

well done.your post are are brilliant.give me some tips to grow up in steemit

Here's some love for your mum.

Just reading this now, will upvote your mom's posts. As if it's not enough to risk robbery in Cape Town daily, now on Steemit too...

That sucks, you should have someone help you track that horrible excuse of existence to live! Seriously it is most likely someone close, like a neighbor or a bad fake friend! Someone that knows a little bit more about computers. They probably just stole the password out of the keychain! Hope it helps!

notice there is 666 in the 2nd block-trades record, the skumbag is going to hell! I’ll try to investigate as much as possible too, if they made a mistake anywhere I’ll find out. Most likely they didn’t send it to a blocktrades with a name or something, but if it is a dumb friend, they probably messed up. Especially if it was a crime of opportunity. Think back to if any one visited you that day. Who knows about bitcoin in the area?