Where are the VOICES of STEEM?!

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I am not generally one to write content which attempts to cause a stir – unless it is in one of my kitchen pots lol… but I have had enough of the “all talk and little action” attitudes of so many on the Steem network! It reminds me of what it is like here in South Africa when it comes to voting time. People are quite happy to sit idly and verbalise endless complaints about the state of the country but then they don’t go and vote and with that action-less action, they are paving the path to their statements of doom and gloom.

I woke up this morning to find that @felt.buzz had passed the Steem Torch to me (the brainchild of @geekgirl with additives from @andrarchy) and I have now passed it on to @bengy. Originally I was just going to pass the torch on without saying anything but then I started thinking about it a little bit and decided to write this post, not about the torch - I hold that high irrespective, but rather… about starting to kick some butt around here – everyone already knows how good I am at using my boot. lol

Although there are many Steem advocates out there, doing their thing to promote Steem and to at least TRY and make it a healthier and more balanced space - @theycallmedan and @nathanmars being the kingpins of that department in my opinion. - I would like to believe that I am also one of those advocates, be it on a dramatically smaller scale lol - however, on the other side of that coin, there is also a lot of negativity wafting around of late too - especially pertaining to the whole "MEOS" drama and people expressing their disheartening feelings about that and so many other things.

People are quick to talk about community. People are even quicker to talk about support and promotion but somehow and unfortunately, it mostly stops there. Like the expression - "The proof is in the pudding" and well, this dessert table is looking rather pathetic if you ask me! In English: Get off your idle arse and start doing something that actually assists the growth of Steem!! STOP whinging about the pewdiepie’s and the eos, meos mash – the fact of the matter is – you snooze you lose and WAY too many people on Steem seem to be so sleep induced it borders on a bloody coma!

Do you think the marketing team of Mercedes Benz sit around a board room table crying their eyes out over a box of tissues after the latest BMW advertising campaign hits? No, they sit around that table and brainstorm a return punch that hits even harder. Success in any shape or form would be non-existent if people didn’t fight for what they believe in – and if you don’t believe in it then you are wasting your time to begin with. Nothing in life is imminent, so stop behaving like it is! No, Steem is not without it’s problems, and the same can be said for pretty much everything in life, but the fact remains that if absolutely EVERY active user of the Steem network put some noteworthy effort into promoting our blockchain to the people around them then those problems absolutely CAN be diluted.

There is great power in numbers, but “the numbers” actually have to work together consistently! I am not referring to a one time post saying how much you love Steem – no, I am saying we need to educate and inform people about Steem… we need to seek out and guide the genuine new comers that have joined, and we need to support the people who produce great content and are essentially the flagships of what we WANT to this space to be.

Passing a “torch” among ourselves is a novel idea but essentially serves little to no purpose if people are not going to speak up about it at the same time. So, this is me – speaking up about speaking out – not only in honour of the Steem torch concept but also appealing to ALL OF YOU reading this!!! Get out there and start networking for Steem! Shout it out to the world! Get involved in whatever ways you can… Get your hands and feet dirty and don’t do it once or twice – do it ALL the time, again and again and again!!!! We didn’t come this far to throw our hands up in the air… we are passing a TORCH around not a fncking white flag!

Mother Theresa once said that she would never attend an “anti-war” rally but would gladly attend a peace rally. The point being – STOP expending your energy focusing on what others are doing or saying which is creating negative hype and START directing your focus onto the positives which YOU have the power to implement.

Nothing changes if nothing changes…

I am SICK of all the "nay sayers" and even more nauseated by those that say nothing at all! I have been a part of all kinds of community driven projects and ventures over the years and let me tell you, I have NEVER come across a thread of dedication stronger than that of the Steem community - it is overwhelming what we all achieve when driven to do so. Yes, I chose to harness that collective enthusiasm with the founding of my Powerhouse Creatives Community and I am ever grateful I did. We have been mocked, threatened, belittled and yet we are all still here, doing our bit. We have overcome seemingly impossible challenges - one of the smallest group of collectives on the blockchain... why? - because we throw ourselves into it! We FEED each other with an attitude of success and despite fatigue, opinions and doubts we persist! We... (all 130 of us) showed an entire blockchain (twice) that when there is a WILL there is ALWAYS a WAY! - At the end of the day, it is ALWAYS about who wants it most...So, do you believe in Steem? Do you want it to be here in 10 years time? I know I do... which brings me to beg the question -

WHERE are the VOICES of STEEM?!!?!

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Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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The Power House Creatives is a discord community of individuals who are committed to producing content which adds value across multiple platforms. We are STRONGLY focused on supporting our fellow members individual growth as well as offering support to those that are still trying to get ahead. We are a CLOSE KNIT community of individuals, each with our own strengths, passions and input, yet ALL willing to go the extra mile for our family members... WHY? - because, simply put - we CARE about one another and MANY HANDS make light work! - THAT is what FAMILY is about! - To infinity and beyond...



As most of you already know our community is closed. This does not mean that we are trying to keep people out or that we ignore those who aren’t members – it simply means that we are focused on keeping our standards of content high and our member commitment higher. I think if nothing else, we have proven those two qualities to the Steemisphere over the last year and even more so in the last seven days.

I am not going to sugar-coat things for anybody, because it would not make any sense whatsoever, nor would it serve anybody fruitfully - long-term. Our community is incredibly proactive - and DRIVING the success and growth of the people within it is our FUNDAMENTAL PURPOSE, because this is how they are able to do the same in return for other individuals in communities beyond our own! Our reach extends WAY beyond our own walls and this is one of the primary reasons why it is important to ALL OF US that each of our members are able to hold our flag high wherever they may roam.

We work hard, we play hard - we support one another through thick and thin, we know whats going on in our "3D" lives and no matter what it is - we are there for each other! Yes, there are daily responsibilities and obligations. Yes, there are things that fly within our walls and things that definitely don’t. Yes, we require quite a bit from you as an individual but you get it tenfold in return and ANY ONE of our members will gladly testify to this. Absolutely EVERYTHING is catered for and considered… including those times when you will NOT be able to fulfill your obligations. It simply requires the following of our procedures, which once you have grasped – are not complicated at all - I promise.

Everybody in our community jokes about my “boot” because they know that there are certain things that never were and never will be tolerated within our walls… and when they surface, those people will very quickly meet my infamous “boot” sending them out the door – or at least showing them that it is open. A few such things would be the likes of: not doing what you promised to do when joining, not being a team player, plagiarism, spamming, causing trouble with other members etc. These are all no-brainers really, so should not be much of a shock or challenge to anyone who is actually on Steemit (or any other platform) to make it a better place for everyone!

We may be a relatively small collective, but we have approx. 118 members from over 30 countries and that continues to grow. Most of our members are also key players in some of Steemits other highly regarded and supportive discord communities and initiatives - and all of us at “home” know without question or doubt that every single one of our members will make us proud with whatever they do – wherever they go – and that is precisely how we intend to keep it. Simple as that! No, this kind of “ethos” does not work for everyone – and that is perfectly fine - Each to their own. The people who have done the “putting in” are the ones that understand what they “get out” of it all ;)

So, if I have not scared you away yet, or if the above info excites you (even better) and you would still like to put in an application to join our fantabulous and VERY crazy little family… then by all means – hop into our applications server and do the necessary.




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truth is spoken throughout this entire post, since being on steemit i have been doing alot of foot work to bring people aboard, everyone won't notice an Ark when they see one but it is evident that we be the sirens ! as a unit we will prevail .. keep on keeping on salute!

I think there are a few of us trying to spread positivity around (inside and outside of steem), many of them from the PHC. I try to ignore the complaints, focus on the good stuff. If there is one thing you and Steem has taught me if you think something could be done better get off your arse and do it! Power to the PHC and Steem on!

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I am ever proud to see the faces of PHC punting this platform! It says a LOT about the caliber of our members and yes!!! no time to waste on negativity! - that energy is ALWAYS better spent elsewhere! xxx

We have overcome seemingly impossible challenges - one of the smallest group of collectives on the blockchain... why? - because we throw ourselves into it!

I couldn't have stated this ANY better!
You have motivated me to start mulling over ideas to write my own post now!!

Whoop Whoop! xxxx :)

The title and question are excellent as well as the metaphor with the torch! All the little ones (like me), like ants, can take small steps every day to promote Steemit. However, Where are the VOICES of STEEM?!

Thank you @bluemoon :) Glad someone picked that up ;)

With pleasure! I hope I can do more.

Time to get this boat moving and everyone rowing! It's a massive boat that should intimidate and impress!


Not this:

Well you get the idea... I just noticed that it's a romans head on that sword...

I was reading this in a serious mood until I saw your two gifs... lol

WAAHAHAHAHA!!!! Thanks for the laugh hehe

In Adelaide, South Australia, for the last year and a half, on the last Thursday of every month, we have had Steem meets with at least half a dozen steemians attend.

We had one last night.

We're a passionate bunch, and you're right - the only thing that makes a place better is the people in it having a willingness to improve their surroundings.

The steemtorch is a pretty idea, sure - but there's something that's been better than that.


I wrote about Rustle's purpose and journeys in a recent post:


Essentially, he's a mascot that attends various Steem meets, and has been all over the world.

What purpose does he serve? He builds a human connection between everyone who has interacted with him. He builds the community by giving them something to gather around. He's a physical torch, and has been so far around the world since departing from our humble little city here in South Australia.

Howdy jaynie! I love your fighting spirit! Every dang thing you said is so true. The only thing that surprised me was to hear that Steemitbloggers has been harrassed, mocked, even threatened? Who would do that? But anyway you showed the naysayers and I'm honored to be in your group. Keep on kicking butt and taking names.

Right here! Shouting along with you 😀

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Thank you for resteeming. It's how I got to see it ♡

Like a howl in the night! A call to arms.
This post is fresh air.
I spent most of my last days in various threads expressing my own Butt brand of booting up!

I’m done with the wingeing... time for put up or shut up!

I have an idea that has been brewing. I will put it together as soon as my kids are through graduation and our grad party and some other major life stuff all happening in the next couple of weeks!

I am so glad that I clicked on this. Your passion for this community can be felt in your words. Thank you for saying it like it is!

do little.jpg

We can all do our part!


I have had my say on this on @quillfire's recent post. I will have something to say when I do my 2 year anniversary post. I also had something to say when I passed on @steemtorch

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Goodness us South African women have a lot to say eh... hehehehe :D

We do. And you can't shut us up. 🤦🏼‍♀️😹Go and read what @nickyhavey and I said...

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Wait what am I tagged in... 🤔

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To Quillington. You assumed correctly. ;)

Spoken like a true elitist prick 😛

Nothing wrong with a healthy debate about the state of things as long it drives the platform in the direction it should go to thrive.

I saw @fionasfavourites tagged me as well, I assume that's relating to the recent posts of Quillington? You know me, I'll say it how I see it. But I got a world to explore atm and the PHC folks won't know what hit them from July 3rd when I am back in the UK 💪

You assume correctly @nickyhavey. Looking forrward to having you back in our time zone!

I'm so far in the future haha

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only 11 hours lol

Awesome @jaynie. You're absolutely right. If you don't like something voice your opinion. Get off your BUTT and do something. Write a post about something that does bother you ask questions, tag witnesses open a dialogue. If you don't talk and put things out there people don't know. I can't believe how many complain about the platform, yet they are the ones that beg and don't do what is required of themselves to grow.

The BEST thing we can do is support each other. Yes RC sucks, for anyone who is over 200 SP you really shouldn't have an issue to ENGAGE. Use words of encouragement. It means so much for someone to hear that their post was informative, insightful, useful, enjoyed even resonates with someone. If you don't agree you can still support someone and be positive. Had to curate an article on beer. I don't like beer. Not something I would choose to read in normal reading. The article though was very well written and the author was knowledgeable.

I feel this is why PHC is one of the best groups. For this very reason. There is interaction. Most members don't visit a post and say 'Great Post' and be done. The communicate and engage. Not just within the group but with everyone. We love the platform and have an amazing woman that oozes positivity guiding us.

Yeah, that negative vibe of some really funks me off!

...and nobody likes to be funked off hehehe ;)

Here and let's.

I felt bad recently I wasn't as involved as I am as my son is going through tough time at school. He used to love school and now everyday drag his feet to school. So I spend lesser time in the day and hopefully is full-energy enough to stay awake at night for Steem. But many times I dozed off to dreamland too.

Now it is school holiday and hands are full. Will start brewing the post in me and when there is suitable time, blog it out.

Always always grateful to you and many more here who keeps going. Hence we keep going. Together!

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David and Goliath, no matter how small.., we manage!

Naysayers everywhere in life!

I'm 100% with this. We don't need to pass the torch, WE are the torch, We are firemen! And the #steemfire will be spread across the galaxy! Regards hon!

Indeed! I am re steeming this so people out there could read about this. I am honestly struggling to compose a "decent" comment here but, my brain seems to be malfunctioning from being sleep deprieved for the past couple of days!


Sadly it is not just there in South Africa that they complain about politics and then all line up and cast a vote. Having said that it is illegal not to vote here so I guess we have incentive, not sure what your laws are in South Africa.

The people complaining about steem annoy me . Firstly because I love steem and secondly because I fact checked a few of their posts and found that they had laced truth with lies . Which is the worst kind of lie because on the surface it appears that they have a valid reason for being upset . But if you research what they are talking about you realise it is not true or at least not all true and the true parts don’t give reason for them to be upset.
I’m not sure if these people are being misinformed or just determined to destroy steem.

I remember a year ago they were talking about EOS being Steem 2.0 and Steem Killer . I was so worried at the time I even checked out Trybe as it was just starting out. But I loved steem and stopped using Trybe .

I’m glad I did it’s been an awesome journey.

We need to make sure we research and inform ourselves.

I totally agree with your views on doing something and not just talking about it.

We want to stay in front of the competition we need to fight for it, not just say awe they said they are going to kill us oh well I guess we’re dead.

Thanks for sharing,

Have an awesome day!

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People don't realize how easy it is to tell others about Steem. We do it in three different ways. We have our account address on our travel SUV, on our business card, and I make sure to find people who would fit in the community and ready to talk about the blockchain. There are many artists out there who are looking for new ways to use a place like Steem!

@jaynie, great to see that the torch has passed to you and what a great article you have written here! Yay!

It's soo bed when you follow some one and give him vote and don't do the same for you

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I really hope it is here and stronger than ever in 10 years - and that my posts get more votes, but as always enjoyed your post and I agree fully with your statements/ VIVA STEEM............ forward we go.