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Our uniqueness, our individuality, and our life experience molds us into fascinating beings. I hope we can embrace that. I pray we may all challenge ourselves to delve into the deepest resources of our hearts to cultivate an atmosphere of understanding, acceptance, tolerance, and compassion. We are all in this life together. Linda Thompson


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On the way back from my moms place this evening, we stopped at the gas station for the boys to pick up some luxuries. I don’t really do sweets, so I waited in the car. There was a bloke standing at the entrance… somewhat “rasta looking” but clearly homeless. I have seen him many times before, sleeping under the trees which surround the area in which we live. I felt a little bit like a “Humans of New York” observer sitting there watching him through tinted windows as he went about his business doing, well – to what appeared to the onlooker as “nothing much”.

He had a magazine in his hands – a WELL weathered magazine which he was repeatedly flipping through, back and forth, back and forth – but was definitely not reading anything because he kept looking around every three seconds. I noticed that certain pages in the magazine were loose and as he flipped them, I thought to myself “those pages are going to fall on the floor” as I contemplated what sort of reaction would arise if and when that happened. Seconds later – true as apples, the pages fell to the floor and I watched in complete fascination as he scrambled to the floor to pick them up and put them back in their rightful place… carefully checking whether they were the right way up or not. In whatever way, shape or form – this was really important to him and it made me want to cry! This weathered magazine was a PART of his world, a slice of his sanity an escape from the glaring eyes that make him feel like a lessor human being. He looked around as he got it all back together to see "who noticed" and all I wanted to do was help him to pick up the pieces, or perhaps give him a new magazine to gaze through (although perhaps he may not have liked that).

Generally, my natural instinct is to take pictures of everything I see, but in this instance I felt such a deep respect and empathy. He is subjected to more humiliation on a daily basis than many of us encounter in a life time and I figured the LAST person I wanted to be, was the one he glanced up at to see a camera in hand. So, I observed him with my “living camera” – my eyes and I absorbed the moment in it’s entirety - I am a mother and he is somebody’s son.

That was a Whole dose of PERSPECTIVE right there!

Observing and contemplating it all brought a song to mind... A song which I have loved since I was about 10 years old!


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Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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I’ve seen, heard, and read about you plenty of times, I’m now seeing #powerhousecreatives banners on the posts of people I’m following.

About a week ago, the lovely @foxyspirit gave me a heads up about this new initiative. My pride, @puravidaville and I are both intrigued, I mean, if everyone we’re following jumped off of the cliff, well, “Geronimo!” 👍🏿

I’ve heard of the onboarding, something about a community discord server, I’m seeing the banners now, what am I missing @jaynie? Certainly just an invite I hope. 😉

Happy Saturday!


There is a post up for invitations!! I think I resteemed it. Time to hop on board!! :p


They would be a great addition to the fam jam! Honestly! They are both great people, write great content, great sense of humour too :P


I second the motion.



Hello @jaynie. Your story has touched me a lot. Thanks for sharing it.

Massive dose of perspective there, and a well told story of you’re experience - it really put a picture in my mind and just made me think how important it is for us to be greatful of everything that we have :)

I often find myself watching people and wondering what kind of story they have. Could he have been a pharmaceutical company executive whose life flipped upside down when his wife left him? Or maybe was a veteran struggling with PTSD. Everyone has a story. Not everyone gets to tell theirs.

What a touching story @jaynie. And the Empathy you showed is truly inspiring. I can only pray that this individual does find a form of Peace and Happiness that he truly deserves

Thanks for sharing this @jaynie. Reminds me of a time when there was a homeless person at a smallish shopping centre near where I live, and they were shivering one evening during winter, so I offered them a jacket that I had at home, promising to bring it back for them.

They skeptically agreed, and I'm sure they didn't think I'd follow through on the offer, so the surprise on their face when I did, and also at some of the casserole (which we'd had for dinner) I gave to them along with the jacket 30 minutes later was so fantastic. There's something in Random Acts of Kindness, and choosing to not take a photo of someone who is struggling is such a kind gesture.

Experience perspective everyday and you See life in a different way

Perspective and context, those are truly everything, aren't they.

All a matter of perspective, in some way @jaynie.

I walk the last 10 minutes to work every morning, down a hill where a lot of people who work downtown park their cars for the day, "to be out of the tourists' way." The thing I notice every day is how a good 25% of those cars have "that look" that does with someone actually living in their car: Sleeping bag, large 10-liter water bottle, lots of snack food, several pairs of shoes and clothes everywhere.

I know this look well, because I have lived in my car.

I see them, remember what it's like, and feel a little less sorry about my own struggles to keep afloat... at least we have a real house, and heat, and food....

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Beautiful perception , thank you for sharing beautiful Jaynie <3

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There is a line in people's lives which, once crossed, like the Rubicon, cannot then be re-crossed. Ra-ra bullshit aside, humans can only survive so much failure before they themselves become failures ... verbs are reflections of the nouns that cause them. Irrespective of what finally causes them to cross over, it results in their being so ashamed of themselves that they do everything possible to retreat from the external world, into an internal one, so as to avoid the condemnation, and pity, of others.

The greatest thing one person can do for another is to give them cause to be proud. This can be difficult because honest self-worth is built upon truths, not lies ... and well-meaning baloney does more harm than good.