What is the last movie you saw??

Today my wife and I decided to go on a date. We haven’t been on a fun date in a very long time (and we had a gift card lol) and we decided to hit up the theaters!


Theaters now are so different than before. I was a. Seat that recline all the way back, it was very very comfortable lol. We decided to go and see aqua man which I really enjoyed personally. I thought it was really cool.

What is the last movie you have seen??

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hey! I have yet to see Aquaman, but to be honest I am not so into these films that feel like they are a "business" - made to be perfect to earn loads and loads of dollars. Of course, Jason Momoa is a sexy sexy man, so i will be watching it soonish 🤩

I recently watched Beautiful Boy with Steve Carrell and Timothee Chalamet. It's based on a real life story of a young guy who is struggling with drug addiction. The film is actually a combination of the dad's side of the story from his book called Beautiful Boy and the son 's book called Tweak.

I have read both books about ten years ago, and it really touched me so when I saw the film was out I had to watch. It was a complete tearjerker, and since the characters were based on real people, and I had read both books multiple times, I felt very connected to the characters.

I really enjoyed, and it made think twice about the treatment of deeper issues in order to treat addiction.

And there you have it, your very own personal movie review - LOL - I didn't mean to get so carried away 😁

OMG, I can't remember! Seriously, I haven't done that for at least over 30 years!

Namste, JaiChai

Also saw Aquaman on Friday at the movie tavern with recliner seats and dinner....awesome.

That's funny as I just watched Aquaman last night too. I found some parts to be long but it was fun to see. I thought it a good movie. What do you think about it?

I'm not even sure if I watched a movie last year! I don't watch as many movies in theaters since we have Netflix these days. Nothing compares with having to watch your favorite movies on a widescreen!

Dates with the wife are fun no matter what you do. The last one I saw was probably a Disney movie with my 2-year-old granddaughter. I don't watch too many movies any more.

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Aqua man was good and I really liked it. I felt DC is trying was catching up with Marvel. From a director known for horror movies he really pulled it off. Last movie I saw hmm..... The Night Eats the World, I watched it last night a zombie movie. I would say it is worth the time to watch.

Funny us creative types all seem to have went to see Aquaman. That was the last movie my husband and I saw at the theater as well. It was an older theater, no not the fancy seats that the newer ones have, but still quite comfortable. There is a theater in a small town about 30 miles from us that is old but in good shape. The tickets are $5 and the popcorn and soda are FREE! Can you believe that!?! We haven't went there yet, but a friend of mine was telling me about it at the dance Saturday night. We are definitely going to check it out next time. The darn popcorn is outrageous in most theaters!

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I think the last time my boyfriend and I went to the movies was when we had a gift card, too. We generally prefer the at-home-sit-in-your-pajamas experience of watching movies, haha. The last time I saw a movie at a theater was actually with a girlfriend a while back. We went to the cheap local theater where you feel like you need a shower after sitting in the seats, but we had a blast watching "I Feel Pretty" with Amy Schumer for a good, cheap laugh.

I saw the Bumblebee transformers movie, It was cool!


Cool! Movies are just so expensive now it seems like ! lol

I saw A STAR IS BORN with lady gaga and was crying it was so beautiful.
Its a must See!