Ulog 126: Nasturium Vinegar

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My nasturtium flowers are growing at a rapid pace right now, and I hate to see the lovely blossoms and flowers go to waste. We've been eating some of the leaves with our salads over the last few weeks, but Mr Golden D is unsure of actually eating the flowers; even though I have shown him (by eating some myself) that they are NOT deadly.

He's still not convinced.

So I decided to make some nasturtium vinegar to use when making salad dressings, marinades for meats, on roasted vegetables and my homemade cole-slaw. I have dehydrated an entire quart jar filled to the brim of the flower petals for future use over the winter months, but I wanted to also take advantage of the fresh blossoms now.

naast vinegar.jpg

All I did was filled a mason jar with as many fresh (NOT dehydrated) nasturtium flower petals then cover them completely with organic white vinegar. I was wanting to use some homemade vinegar, but I didn't have enough on hand. I left the jar in a dark cupboard for seven days and this is the color it came out as. Just strain the vinegar from the petals and store the vinegar in the refrigerator for use.

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I need to go out and harvest more nasturtium flowers as they are growing at an increased rate due to the higher temperatures and healthy rainfall we had earlier this week.

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You've been visited by @porters from Homesteaders Co-op. What a lovely looking vinegar and great way for using some of those nasturtiums! I think I will give it a try for I have quite a few nasturtium blooms and I hate to see them all being killed off by the frost when they can make such lovely vinegar! Thanks for sharing! --- Homesteaders Co-op A community marketplace of ethical, handmade and sustainable products available for STEEM, SBD (and USD): https://homesteaderscoop.com follow: @homesteaderscoop

Beautiful, @goldendawne. I love nasturtiams, they's so perky and lively and such a a nice addition to salads :) Great idea!

This is my first year ever growing nasturtium and I am ecstatic about the growth results!
I have them all throughout the garden areas for a burst of color and they are delicious too!

While I am not at this level of garden to table, my friend @donnadavisart loves nasturtium!

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They are gorgeous and delicate flowers, but so delicious at the same time.

That is a really beautiful color! What a good idea! Have you tried it yet? Did it pick up the peppery taste of the flowers?

Oh it is!!! I wish I had more of the pinkish nasturtiums to see the color they would develop.

YES!! It was a wonderful addition to the cole-slaw. I made some, let it get cold in the fridge and had a sample. The peppery undertones are there... so be careful when seasoning with salt and pepper.

Okay, so that's how you make vinegar from flower...and I have to say, that's a very nice proof that something is edible, lol.

I actually like the colour of the vinegar, looks like honey... :)

I usually make my own vinegar, but didn't have enough to try to this experiment. I will be making more vinegar this week.

Oh, Dawn!! The color is divine!! I grow and eat nasturtium flowers. When they are in season, or enough rain to keep them happy, they are so prolific!

I had no idea about the vinegar and now I will have to try it with the crop I have. I already dehydrated most of them but, if I wait a moment or three, I will have another abundant burst of blooms.

Thank you as always for your inventive ideas - or pass along! Either way! They are great! Have a most wonderful day!


The color is divine!!

I know, isn't it! I was so pleased with this coloring!

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Looks healthy!

Oh awesome!

I have a veggie salad lover and we have been growing nasturtiums in the garden the last couple years.

Awesome idea!

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Never heard of Nasturtium vinegar before! No doubt it is amazing and probably ridiculously good for you. I should give this a go... as there is no shortage of nasturtiums here.

I came across the recipe on Pinterest recently and thought, what a GREAT idea!
I'm making some cole-slaw today for dinner so I'm anxious to see how the flavor of the flowers enhance the slaw dressing I make. Usually I use red wine vinegar... but sometimes that's just too tangy for me.

ooooh that sounds fantastic! No doubt it will be SUPER! Do tell after... :)

Interesting use never heard of someone doing that before. I love the color it turned out to be.

That's a new one for me! I had never heard of nasturtium vinegar before. It's quite lovely! How does it taste?

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That is something I shall have to try as I have plenty of the nasturtium flowers - what does it taste like?

I've never eaten nasturtiums before.bwhats it taste like? Is it sweet or butter?

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@goldendawne, Great post! We have an overload of nasturtiums in our garden as well, they started taking over our garden boxes so I had to re-plant them. I just collected a ton of seed for next year too. I can't wait to try this recipe next summer. Thank you for sharing!

Here's a picture of one of our plants:

Planter Box August Update 25.JPG

Have a great day!

Howdy goldendawne! Gorgeous flowers those plants have.I haven't heard of them but it seems like you can make things out of any type of plant!

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