Ulog 109: Being Prepared Means Having Knowledge & Readiness

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I started collecting these oil lamps over the last couple of years, but like so many projects, ideas and tasks around the homestead, it was set aside for a more convenient time to deal with.

The other day, more than likely due to rolling brown-outs because of the heat and humidity where I leave, we had flickering power and it got me thinking about how I had set aside these oil lamps.

They won't do no good if I need them, but have no clue how to use them properly.


So let's get to work!

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I had the proper oil already, so the other morning I got out some of my oil lamps and filled them with the oil.

Next I waited for the oil to saturate the wick so I could light the lamp.

I familiarized myself with the fill line for the oil on each of the lamps. I learned what the knob on each is for (making the flame larger, smaller and for putting out the lamp when done with use).

I also checked for how each lamp's glass globe set onto the top for the most secure fitting.

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After getting all the oil lamps filled up, tested and turned off, I felt as if I had accomplished what I set out to do. Now I know if, and when, the power goes out, especially in the darkness of the night, that I can confidently get these lamps lit.

Image on left is when I first lit the wick and image on right is after I used the knob to adjust the flame.

We have some nasty winter storms, blizzard-like conditions with high winds and ice storms during the winter months, as well as thunderstorms, hail and even tornado watches and warnings that will impede our power situation here. But with these lamps, even if we lose power for an hour, a day or more, I know we can easily maneuver around the homestead; indoors and outdoors, without a problem.

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Hurricane season is upon us right now and preparedness is definitely something we pay attention to! The first summer we were here hurricane Irma hit, what an eye opener. I restock everything each season and oil lamps are part of the plan. You're smart to be prepared, with tornadoes, earth quakes, hail storms and snow I think everyone should have a preparedness area in their homes! Great post @goldendawne :)

I remember my grandparents having a few of those in the house, so it always makes me nostalgic to see! Definitely a smart idea to know how to get them going easily when the time comes. It is kind of funny how easy it is to seem prepared when in fact you really aren't. We're usually pretty lucky around here with the power outages, but the way the weather seems to be anymore you never really know. A few years ago a tree knocked down the power line in the neighborhood during an ice storm and we lost power for over 24 hours. These would have been really handy then!

Light in a survival situation as well as warmth is a fascinating preppers topic, in my opinion. But I must admit these little lamps is not something we would use. Do you often have blackouts @goldendawne?

I absolutely love this type of lamps. My mother had a giant one when I was a child. I always loved the smell of it burning. Now I have seen this I need to have one in my life also lol. In Cambodia, we have power outages regularly. So I could justify buying it to hubby lol. I just need to work out how to get one of these beauties in Cambodia! *leaves palnet to google lamp suppliers in Cambodia.

Good for you, being pro-active like that! Did you know to trim wicks so they burn nicer?

very smart. I would have been the one sitting in the dark trying to figure it out by the light of a candle. This reminds me that I need to get serious about possible issues arising. Take care and thanks for the friendly reminder.

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