If I Could be Cindy Lou Who’s Horton, I Would (PowerHouseCreatives Contest)!


In response to @zord189’s latest contest, “Godlike,” I submit a rather unexpected candidate – Horton!

Unlike most gods and deities, Horton is not prayed to, and there are no festivals in his honor. He does not live amongst the stars, and you will not find him in Greek mythology.

But, you will find him in a Dr. Suess book!

But, why Horton, did you ask?

  • When Horton discovers there are tiny little people living on a dust speck, delicately balanced on a pink dandelion, he does everything in his power to save and protect them.
  • Horton heard the little people when no one else had the time or the ability to listen.
  • Horton is fallible; he is far from perfect, but he follows his heart and cares for others, in thought and deed.
  • Horton has humility and he is kind.

You can see Horton (movie version)in action here-

Youtube video provided by Brstish Secret Agent 007!

It has been more than 11 years ago that the movie Horton Hears a Who was released, and the movie is even more timely now. As I look at the trailer again, it makes me feel that we just may be teetering on the edge of a dandelion in the midst of a wind storm.

We could really use a Horton right now!

I do occasionally grieve over the loss of forest, ozone, ice shelves and endangered species; but then I try not to fret too much and work to keep my carbon foot print as small as I know how.

And, I am far from the first to suggest elephants as Godlike. In the Hindu religion, Ganesh is a much loved and revered god, a wise patron of the arts, and a remover of obstacles.

As an elephant advocate I have learned about all the worldwide abuse and the torture that elephants endure, only to bring humans pleasure and money. There are now many advocates that are trying to bring light to the plight of elephants. One such advocate is Sangita Iyer.

Sangita’s God in Shackles is a documentary specifically about the exploitation of temple elephants in southern India.


Before humans started taking over more than our fair share of the earth, there was no human-elephant conflict.

Elephants are very intelligent, social creatures, and are perfect citizens in a balanced environment. They are created to roam, and eat vegetation as they plow through heavily forested areas, creating paths for smaller animals.

Even their dung serves a good purpose, creating food and shelter for dung beetles, and fertilizer for new growth – a complete and perfect link in the cycle of life.

When we think of Godlike creatures, I think of all elephants. But with things on earth as they are, I would have to choose to be like Horton, because he is free to roam and lives in a place that always has a happy ending.

Proud graduate of #OC slider delegation project!

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Horton is a such lovable character, and it's such a cute story by the master. And elephants are certainly majestic and intelligent.

I think the photo with the tears might be an example of a bull elephant in "musth," which I just learned about from another post about an elephant getting some revenge on a highway.

The crying elephant is one of several forced to perform over and over. So sad.

The revolting or revenge runs are a very small percentage compared to the horrible treatment and pain they endure their entire captive lives. If you get a chance watch the documentary. For a shorter example, just google Thailand elephant crush ritual. The “crush” is done to every captured baby elephant. 💔

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I haven't seen Horton yet. I'll try to look for it over the weekend. True elephants are majestic creatures and now I am reminded of the old poor elephant in one of our zoos which breaks my heard. The zoo has already closed down. They should have just sent her back to Thailand to be properly cared for.

So sad! Where do you live? One of the sanctuaries May be able to come get her.

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I'm from the Philippines and the elephant's name is Mali who is already 45 years old.

That’s OK, they can live to be 60 plus. Thanks!

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Gosh, was the film readout that long ago? Maybe that's why I need a refresher.
Elephants have been coming to my mind a lot of late. Maybe its because we've been seeing them on some of David Attenborough's programmes. They never fail to leave me in awe, so maybe this is why they deserve revered status.

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This and so much more!

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Great choice Cindy. I too feel terrible about the plight of the elephants and what uncaring humans have done to them for greed. 🐘 ♥️

Soul sister!

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Oh Horton is so sweet! What a good analogy you've made here!!

Thank you! 😘

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This is lovely, Cindy. I'm reading your post here in Chiang Mai, Thailand, just a short drive away from the Elephant Sanctuary. And yes, Thailand DOES have National Elephant Day. We still have a loooong way to go to stop people riding and mistreating these beautiful creatures, though.

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What a wonderful choice! Very spot on in today's world. We can all learn a little bit from Horton. I adore your passion for those wonderful creatures, as well. They really do seem like magnificent animals. I wish everyone would take the time to respect them, and treat all beings with such kindness.

Love this Dr. Seuss character! Your write speaks to so many things @condyhartz, our world and it's humanity. Treatment of elephants all over the world is a true tragedy, glad you bring attention to the issue. We all should remember to do our part in reducing our impact on our enviroment no matter how small it is :)

Thank you! 😘

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