A Solution to ALL World Problems + Truth behind Cornoavirus?

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It is high time for We the People to awaken to the truth behind the media programming which brainwash the masses, implanting lies and fear, allowing our governments to restrict our freedom as they are doing now.

It is high time we rise above this fear an DO SOMETHING about it.

Look Beyond Big Media for Truth

The organisations controlled by the powers that shouldn't be (also know as the elite, or the 1%), such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Big Media (eg. TV, Newspapers and their websites) feed the general population with fake information.

They do this to subconsciously program us so that we become fearful and are therefore easier to control so they can fully utilise us for their nefarious purposes including to steal from us anything we have which they think is valuable to them. This unfortunately is the nature of top down systems of governance. They create criminal leaders. Read on to find out about a bottom up leaderless system of governance which will bring power to the people and in the long run to help criminals reform their ways.


This screenshot, and the others which follow were captured from the first few minutes of this 1 hour video on You Tube which i encourage you to watch.

Perhaps it's true that 5G, not coronavirus is making people sick.

Remember that You Tube, Like Facebook and many others are censored platforms, either directly or indirectly controlled by the powers that shouldn't be.

This video will likely not be on You Tube for long. I have downloaded it ready to upload elsewhere when needed. I ask you to please do the same. Please let me know in comments below if the link does not work.









What can we do about it? Is there a solution?

Absolutely YES. We can band together and use an equitable, bottom up multi-level real time Democrity.

When we are properly organised, and anonymous, BILLIONS of us speaking with one voice, the corrupt governmental organisations will no longer be in control.

  • We the People will be able to equitably share all the necessities which are abundantly available on our wonderful planet Earth.
  • We the People will be able to share existing ways of very effectively reversing and preventing disease. These are available NOW but currently suppressed by the powers that shouldn't be

A system of self-governance which will return the Power to the People. The Matrix-8 Platform is such a system. The Matrix-8 Platform will be owned by no-one. You will have a voice, and your voice will be heard. YOU now have the opportunity to DO SOMETHING to make the world a better place NOW.

i in-courage you to deeply investigate The Matrix-8 Platform, which is an equitable alternative to corrupt governments put in place by "the powers that shouldn't be" so they can implement stuff like 5G to depopulate and get even richer.

Here you can find some articles which will help you to understand the phenomenal possibilities of Matrix-8: https://peakd.com/c/hive-153630/created

i would really appreciate your time to investigate this, and join the movement which WILL revolutionise this (apparent) world returning us to "garden of Eden" like living.

I appreciate you anyway, whatever you choose to do.

Much Love


Thanks for the links.I am listening to the video but I am not buying into it.

Yes I am concerned about 5G. Not just effects on our bodies but the the ability it provides to create point maps of any space the 5G signals travel.

The other link to hive is interesting i will have proper look tomorrow

Great. Thanks for your interest and your comment. Your feedback once you have read it would be much appreciated.

Paz y amor

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