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RE: DIY Healthy Treats | It’s a Protein Packed Dynamic Duo day!

That's a super interesting way of making coconut yoghurt! who'da thunk??!! I make coconut water kefir from - LOL - real coconut. I scoop out the flesh and store it in the fridge. Every 3-4 days I have enough flesh and at least 2 batches of water kefir - it goes fast here. I just pop 1 cup of coconut kefir in the blender and whiz with the coconut meat, and leave out overnight on the bench. IN the morning, voila! Yummy smooth, creamy cococnut "yoghurt". Our biggest issue is the small mountain of coconut shells.... LOL.

And yes, we DO have a very simple glass beaker blender. :)

WE use the coconut kefir water (and the 'yogurt') in our morning super-smoothies.

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I am soooooooo jealous! I have had kefer a couple of times and love it!! Certainly nothing as fresh as what you enjoy every day, yikes. We have used our local coconuts, but not on a regular basis. When my daughter visits they climb the trees and pick the coconuts which are ready. Perhaps you could go into the coconut bowl making business with all of those coconut shells, lol I can just picture the small mountain of shells. Thank goodness for our blenders! Thanks @artemislives :)