To Achieve Success Remove this Limiting Behavior

Your success is based upon a number of things, with past experiences being at the helm of most. But to take your life into your own hands and achieve the success you desire, you must do just that- take your life into your own hands. To do this you must eliminate a very limiting behavior.

Question everything. Then let it all go.

Preconceived notions will stifle your creativity, put a halt on dream fulfillment, and even dampen your chances of finding the perfect mate.

Why? Because pre-conceived notions lead us to believe things which aren’t true at the least, and negative and potentially damaging things at most.

They impact our thinking, cost us opportunities, and block creative thought. They block us into a very small way of thinking and close us off to growth and learning.

Do you want to have better, more meaningful relationships? Succeed in work or realize your dream career? Do you want to make the most of your life?

Then let go of all pre-conceived beliefs and open yourself to everything around you. Approach every moment with an open mind and see it for what it is, without allowing it to be clouded or obscured by past experiences.

Evaluate the parts of your life that you are not satisfied with, chances are there are pre-conceived beliefs at the root. Determine what those beliefs are and then extinguish them. Go into each day, each situation, with an open mind. A mind free of limiting thoughts and beliefs. Only then will you see the truth in the situation, and only then can you really have a choice.

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When I read your article, I noticed that I am in middle of what you talk about. I am thinking nowadays what I really want in my life and what will really make me happy. But hopefully I am not focusing preconceived beliefs. I am thinking my highest goodness..

Hello Ella, and wonderful meeting you!

That is so awesome that you are taking your life into your own hands! The most important advice I can give you is to keep going toward your dreams, no matter what. Never lose sight of what you want, and take steps daily- no matter how small- toward your dreams :)

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I like this statement you wrote in the beginning

Question everything. Then let it all go.

Surrender can be tough.. going with the flow we must ..(I sound like Yoda all the sudden) lol

Well said! And you speak the truth too. We are often trapped in our own minds by our own limitations. Push through and a rainbow of opportunities will come forth <3

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