The most powerful rocket to fly successfully

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US technology entrepreneur Elon Mask's new rocket Falcon Heavy successfully started the experimental journey in the sky from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA. The company conducted the test on Tuesday. The huge rocket is considered to be the most powerful in the history of spacecraft.

Without a big problem, one flys over the Atlantic Ocean. Experimental this flight was considered risky.

The Falcon Heavy Rocket has successfully launched the most capable spacecraft to fly in the sky. It is believed that the path of the spacecraft will be more accessible. Photo: AFP. SpaceX chief executive Elon Mask said that there was a challenge after creating new rockets. Because, its success rate was 50-50. There was a huge explosion. Luckily no such thing happened. Falcon Heavy Rocket is considered to be the most capable space launch vehicle after the test was successful. Its purpose is to send equipment to orbit Mars. It is designed in such a way that 64 tonnes of pellods can be sent to Earth orbit. In other words, five double-decker buses can be sent to the space. Earlier, the capacity of the Delta Four Heavy Rocket was half. Elon Mask claimed that the new rocket could be sent more than a 'Delta Four Heavy' rocket at a much lower cost.

Without any major trouble, the Atlantic Ocean is the most powerful Rocket Falcon Hevy. Photo: AFP. For the first time in the experimental sky, Falcon Heavy flies in the sky. Elon Mask's personal spacecraft manufacturer, SpaceX, has made it. At around 23 floors, a huge rocket had a red-color Tesla Roadster car like cherry fruit. As the pellod or the rush, the car was sent to rocket through experimental basis.

Before experimenting with rockets, the mask said that the most challenging part of it would be to separate two booster rockets beside the rocket in three minutes of launch. Recycling rocket technology has been used to reduce costs.

Alon Mask Spacesx has created Falcon Heavy Rocket name. Two booster rockets beside the rocket separated in three minutes of launch. Photo: AFP.mask said that if it could rise above the launch center, it would have to be considered as a success. The initial results of Falcon Heavy can be seen, it is able to fly accurately without any difficulty.

On behalf of SPACEX, it is being claimed that this rocket can be expected to be successful in the future due to launch of Mars.

Rocket will cost nine million US dollars every launch. During this time, 70 tons of space can be sent to space. Entrepreneurs looking at the possibilities of space exploration with 27 rocket engines.

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