Oh noes! I'm powering down 😢

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Hi Steemians,

I have started a powerdown, and it's actually something I thought I'd never do, but at this point in time, it makes sense to do so because:

  • I can't just buy STEEM willy-nilly (I wish)
  • I am part of a project which I want to promote
  • I DO NOT want to cash out 😊
  • It will help me to grow my account (which is what we're here for, right?)

In other news, I've just reached 2000 SP! Yay! I can't really believe it.
So, Don't worry, I'm in this for the long haul, this is only a minor setback for major gains 💪💪💪 LOL!

To the moon together, through the power of hard work and determination. If you don't give up, you can never fail! We're all in this together, especially me with my projects which depend on the STEEM blockchain and the PLKN token, owned and operated by everyone! Join our discord if you'd like, and get in on the community spirit! We have a helpdesk for all things PLKN and STEEM, including confusing stuff like Low RC, Not Enough RC, Voting Power .etc. Feel free to ask!

I've literally just come up with the tag #steemhodlgang, just use the tag if you #hodl #steem or #buildl #steem have a nice day! I do both! =) Just hodl your steem 4 ever lol. Steem is the best blockchain, if you disagree, why are you here LOL

Have a wonderful day and Buy Plankton
~ @cadawg
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Real Human, 100%! Hey, thanks for all you do for Plankton. I am honored to be doing this with you. Thanks for bearing with the timezone difference and my being mortal and all. Hahaha! Plankton to the MOON!

Do what suits you best and good luck for whatever you do.


Thanks! Have a lovely day!


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#steemhodlgang and the real human makes sense...hahaha!
my next power down is my second attempt but not now maybe 48 years from now, lololol!


More wins to you dear, i like your sense of humour

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Thanks! Have a great dane!

If users run short, they can also post on ulogs.org to be autodelegated to by gift giver. Meet you up there. I have a few planktons. Hope it inspires you even just a bit

Thanks for your post, i upvoted resteemed and followed. Good luck with your projects and have an Awesome day!

You have receive an upvote. Thanks for playing moonSTEEM

Don’t you be an asshole to scare us at the title of your post :-D


I'm sorry, I just wanted some sweet sweet Drama tokens 😁👍

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so what happen now ha ha ..

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Hello! I forget how to be a member in @paulag Minnow challenge. Can you help me please?

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Just comment on the latest post that you'd like in and mention @paulag :)


Yes you are both real human with good heart. Keep plankton token to the moon!

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