This is a platform where the powerful/rich get to decide what is valued most, an unnatural design destined for failure...

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I could be wrong because there isn't a very good explanation of how all of this works so if I am wrong, please enlighten me as to how I am wrong or what I am failing to understand....


It seems there lies an inherent flaw in steemit's community that is analogous to the inherent flaw of societies today that block chain in general has the potential to correct, the imbalance of Power. Those who hold the most capital/power decide what posts are of the highest value for the community & who benefits the most from their posts eventually gaining a controlling interest or majority of power that could be easily manipulated compared to even the stock market. This is not an accurate representation of value brought to the community but rather an application of value determined by those who can afford it or currently possess it consequently representing & rewarding the posts that interest the investors and all they hold dear to them,(often a community's IGNORANCE of best known practices or other forms of the Truth)....sound familiar?


Corporations or Anyone with enough money could buy the platform and hire people to create content & influence what is valued by the community therefore keeping other points of view from being brought to the light that have no profit incentive or funding to achieve the same exposure. I was under the impression that block chain would change the world for the better not potentially make it easier for the enemies of mankind to plunder people's fortunes away from them as they are distracted by endless amounts of material that do nothing for a community excepting the community that profits from ignorance & division that form your opinions and limit your exposure to new/ better ideas & progress for moving forward together with or without those people that continue to try retarding it.


The power being tied to other currency in real life ensures the same problem that has retarded our progress in every aspect of our lives concerning freedom & equality since the emancipation proclamation freed those in servitude amongst the alleged civilized societies only to enter into a different kind of bondage, that of the mind. The problem being those people that think they have power in this world and have been trying to hold on to it since America was born since they know it is only a matter of time before they lose their power and with it the control they wish to gain over our lives. It is only when power is taken from those that wield it for selfish interests & hold it equally amongst ourselves that we can make progress.


Perhaps like those who have invested in technology to enslave the meek, they will realize their efforts have been in vain for they have actually helped us to gain our inheritance, bringing us one step closer to a world of equality, liberty & Justice for all. I only hope the Good people haven't invested too much money into the platform as it is nearly as vile as the system of money and power currently in place that Satoshi Nakamoto seemingly has allowed us to move away from.


Connecting & potentially uniting the people of the world regardless of our respective governments or other retarding interests that resist change & the people uniting against all that is wrong in the world. Those people who know the Truth that we are all equal & our opportunity for exposure as well as the reward for our content ought to be treated as such on a first come first serve basis until it has been voted up by the community regardless of how well funded someone may be. I have a job and my frenemies print money so you can see where this leaves me & anyone else Just Over Broke....I Hope I'm wrong.


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